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[XP Script] Minkoff's Animated Battlers - Enhanced
Minkoff's Animated Battlers - Enhanced
Version 13.8

This script adapts front-view battle systems (like the default battle system, or the RTAB system), and turns it into a side-view battle system. Battlers can bob and weave while waiting to attack, charge forward to attack, and strike a victory pose when they win.

It's gone through a number of changes here and there since it's original incarnation. I informed Minkoff of the changes I had made and he graciously allowed me to post this topic.


Go ahead, laugh at my battlers... I used an internet battleset maker designed for RM2K3.
They're not in the demos anyway.

Broken up into 6 pages.
ANIMATED BATTLERS - Credits & Features
ANIMATED BATTLERS - Configuration System
And a patch if you were using the RTAB system

Kept Here

Original Demo(with the old 10-pose system)
The earliest version by Minkoff (w/ RTAB) that I know

With the Battle Animations 'Flip' system
Another system that literally 'flips' the battle animations horizontally and/or vertically.

This script goes above Main... generally speaking.
If using any custom battlesystem or custom battle add-on, it should go below these scripts... just to be safe.

As far as the configuration system, the features are listed in the following manual (in .chm help format) now available for download.
>Help File Manual<

Pre-Rendered Configs
The demo and the scripts above show how to generate a system that uses multiple types of spritesheets and RTP battlers. Below are two configuration files you may wish to use in it's place.
Minkoff Configuration ... the typical Minkoff system without any extra.
Cybersam Configuration ... a configuration system for Cybersam's 7-pose system
Charset Configuration ... a configuration system to use Charactersets for battlers

The Formation System
Removed from Animated Battlers is the formation system. A new one (roughly similar in nature to Claihm's system) is available below if you want to make custom battle formations.
Formation System

The Window Depth Adjuster
The battlers in this system tend to draw themselves over the battlesystem's command windows. This patch can fix this for you.
Window Depth Adjuster

Hmmm... added a good number of new features... a couple more (more like separate expansion packs) may be in the works.

Don't ask when I'll get around to it. I got a full-time (12hr shift) job. But, you can see I do like scripting. :D

Awards and Badges
A few awards of note for Animated Battlers
Honorary Awards for Spritesheet Artists
Honorary Awards for Animated Battler Scripters

This side-view battler script was designed to work with both, the default battle system AND the RTAB system. And it apparently works with Paradog's CTB v 2.58. I dunno about it working with any other system.

Credits and Thanks
Lots o' credits

Terms and Conditions
Required for distribution

Author's Notes
Um... nope... none that I can think of. And I thought there wasn't much left to add to this 60 features ago...
Thanks given by: Olivia
Bump to
Version 12.0

First off, I found an corrected an oversight in Random Melee Attacks. An annoying little bug that used the wrong 'poses'.

I also repaired a glitch with the Actor/Enemy offset system. It was a little something that Twin Matrix pointed out to me.

I also tweaked the battler fade-in system. Works much better now. You can thank Twin Matrix for that one too.

Oh, I did some work at decreasing the size of the sprite system page. I made it more modular and managed to trim and cut a few things.

Long overdue, I added the ability for enemy battlers to have a winning 'loopable' victory pose. While normally, losing a battle takes you to a game over screen, I'm sure some scripter will extend some battlesystem so the enemies can cheer.

Oh, I finally solved the frozen target bug I've been trying to squash for months. For some time, when a target is about to be attacked, his or her animation freezes. That graphic bug sucked, but it's been fixed now.

And I fixed a combined RTP/Spritesheet fadeout color problem.

Oh, and for the record, with these changes... Animated Battlers VX and the XP version found here may now use the same configuration page. :)

;) Eventually, I'm gonna rewrite my manual for both systems.
Thanks given by:
Bump to
Version 12.1

Um, my bad. One fix brought on another bug. :P

The repair that squashed the 'Freezing Target' bug I had for several months (or a year?), created a very strange bug. The new bug was that the targets who died actually performed the DEAD pose before they performed the STRUCK pose. Weird.

Well, that bug got 'squashed' reeeeeal good too.
Thanks given by:
Bump to
version 12.3

I removed the long and drawn-out 'formations' system. Rather than using a system, I use an extra script where I can plot out how I want my battlers to stand. The forementioned 'Formation' patch is now available in the 1st page/post.

I also retooled the offset system which controls how battlers overlap one another when they attack. Now it takes the battler's width into consideration, not just some configuration values. I redid the offset configuration values, mind you. It's pretty much complete by now.

Thanks given by:
Hey, I found out that if you set MNK_RUSH_SPEED=4, or higher I guess, the "moving" phase starts to loop. There must be some "hidden" limit induced by the way you use it...
Thanks given by:
Eep! Four? I never really go beyond 1.6. '1' is the default speed from Minkoff's original system.

I did mention in the manual that values close to or beyond '2' are flaky.
Thanks given by:
i'm having a problem setting up sprites in battle it still makes the sprite like a looping slide show like a tredmil of images of the sprite and isn't in the proper position. i've followed the manual you made but it still doesn't solve the problem. any advice
Thanks given by:
It's because you haven't set up the poses correctly. If you have an actor with a 6 pose charset in the script as an actor with 5 poses, then the script cuts the character in half and makes that error you're describing. Look in the Instruction Manuals, page 16 and that should explain everything. This is common mistake, don't fret.
Thanks given by:
Hey. I'm using this script and it's working very well, but this very odd error poped up. I'm also using Charlie's CTB and pretty much out of no where when people attack, it shows the Skill animation. I replaced all the default scripts and the ones I've used and it still shows up. I was wondering if you think this might be because of the Animated Battlers script. The bug poped up out of no where.
Thanks given by:
A slightly older version of Animated Battlers is already integrated into Charlie's CTB. And while the newer version of Animated Battlers can work with his CTB, only a few modifications are needed. That is still in the works.

But you didn't say 'what' the error is.

Please create a query in the SUPPORT forum as this is a joint Animated Battlers/Charlie CTB support problem. And be specific. The error... the line where the error occurs... what it looks like, reacts like. Etc.
Thanks given by:

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