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[Other Tools] StoryForm V1 - Writing Software
Sup guys, It's me computerwizoo7 Very cheery

anyway, i know i haven't been here in awhile but u know how being a programmer is @>@
i got a simple tool I'm gonna share but i think that I'll post it here first. You all can tell me if what you think.

As the name dictates, It's a story writing software built with a very general template for creating game stories. I also added CharaGen to it, if you don't know what that is then it's basically a character generator.

anyway, i believe this software to have a few bugs. so if you find any please let me know and I'll fix them.


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.Net Framework 4.0(Full or Client Profile)

I hope to hear from you guys soon Winking
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Downloading. Looks cool. ;)
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Don't really understand what this program actually does, can someone kinda explain it really simple?
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it creates a story from a template...
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It won't open for me... Same as the last software you made. "Verifying application requirements" then nothing happens, no dialogue box saying what's wrong, nothing.
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Same prob here^^
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you need to have .Net Framework 4.0(Full or Client Profile) installed on your machine.

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I already got it :X
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LoL. You said that last time. I told you last time that I have that already installed. So it's not that. :)
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ok, give me the specs of your machines.


ok, here it is.
you must have:

windows xp sp3 or higher
.net framework 4.0 client profile or full
windows installer 3.1 or higher

let me know if you got that and still getting an error.
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