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[XP Script] First Person Shooter for MGC's FPLE?
Heya, this is the script I will be linking to and will be going on about in this request. MGC(aladtogel)'s First Person Labyrinth Explorer

Okay, so I was wondering if anyone could make a First Person Shooter script to work with MGC's First Person Labyrinth Explorer? It doesn't have to act like a modern first person shooter, but it could act more like Wolfenstein, if not classic Doom.

Also, quick word of warning, I will make HEAVY references to Doom, and because of this, you'll see me linking to the Doom wiki a lot.

Features? (This list is probably a mess!)
Old list
  • Weapons
    • Ammunition
      • Max amount of ammunition
        • For each weapon? Ammunition type?
      • No/Unlimited ammunition for certain weapons?
      • Magazine sizes and reloading.
        • Magazine size for each weapon. (The amount of bullets that could fit in a magazine before requiring the player to reload their weapon, a feature in modern shooters)
          • No/Unlimited magazine size.
        • Designating a button for manual reloading.
        • Automatic reloading.
        • Reload time for each weapon?
        • Ability to turn off reloading and magazine sizes entirely.
        • Reloading animation? (Or just do something where the weapon would be lowered offscreen (with sound effects playing) to denote reloading, then raise it back up to denote how the player has finished reloading.)
    • Firing your weapon.
      • Time between shots? (How many frames or seconds would it take to fire another shot?)
      • Setting amount of bullets fired in one shot for each weapon. (Example: I think the BFG9000 fired 40 energy cells in one shot.)
      • Radius/Area of effect.
      • Weapon accuracy?
      • Penetration. (How many objects can a weapon shoot through?)
      • Kickback. (Firing a weapon may push the player back a certain number of tiles.)
      • Weapon damage. (How much damage certain weapons would do? Randomize min-max values)
      • Shot type?
        • Hitscan (Instant hit!)
        • Projectile
          • Projectile Blast Damage?
          • Projectile Speed.
          • Projectile graphic? (Example: Rocket Launcher's rocket when shot)
          • Projectile explosion animation.
          • Projectile sound effect: When shooting a projectile.
          • Projectile sound effect: When projectile collides with an object or an event.
    • Grenades? (Okay, maybe this is probably stupid.)
      • Throwing Distance?
      • Time it takes to explode? (In frames or seconds)
      • Ability to bounce off of walls and/or people?
      • Grenades that acted like Proximity mines?
    • Dual wielding? (wait, that's probably way too much.)
  • Miscellaneous
    • Weapon alignment: Right or Center
  • Edit: Losing.
    • Respawn modes:
      • Player loses a "life", still picks up where (s)he left off ala beat 'em up games.
      • Player loses a "life" and restarts level.
      • There's no such thing as a "life" and the player would end up restarting the level.
    • What does the player lose?
      • Resets status (Lose all weapons and ammunition (s)he achieved throughout the game ala Doom.)
      • Ammunition.
      • Currency?
  • Edit: Cheats
    • Invulnerability.
    • Unlimited ammunition for all weapons and/or ammunition type.
    • All weapons.
    • Unlimited lives.
  • Barrels (or objects which causes blast damage after getting damaged one too many times)
    • Explosive object Hit Points.
    • Explosive object blast damage amount to enemies and players.
    • Explosive object blast damage distance.
    • Explosive object explosion animation.
    • Explosive object explosion sound effect.
    • Explosive objects can get damaged by enemies or other explosive objects.
  • Edit: Enemies.
    • Enemy alert sound effect, when the player is seen by them. (Example: Doom enemies)
    • Enemy death sound effect.
    • Blast damage immunity to certain enemies.
    • Enemies being reduced to bloody gibs after being dead (HP: 0) and being below a certain number of hit points. (Throwing an arbitrary value out there, HP: -40)
    • Enemies infighting.

There are a bunch of ideas I probably have running around in my head but forgot to mention.

Note that some of these features can be worked into the RPG Maker XP database somehow.
* * *
Grab a few ideas from the following:
  • Any RPG Maker battle system. (Side view, Action Battle System [look up Mr. Mo's ABS], etc.)
  • Play any first person shooter you know of, both classic and modern, to get some ideas.
    • Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Hexen, Heretic, Duke Nukem, Goldeneye 007, Perfect Dark, Quake, Turok, Unreal Tournament, Half-life, Daikatana(hahaha), Halo, TimeSplitters, Farcry/Crysis, Bioshock, Left 4 Dead to name a few.
  • Look up a wikia site for your favorite first person shooter. You'll be sure to find detailed information there. Example: Doom's wikia
  • Play Doom. Seriously. :P

Edit (4/4/2010, 3:17am EST): I'm aware of how I may be asking for a little too much in this request!
Edit 2 (4/4/2010, 3:19am EST): Hey, anyone who's looking at this and wants an FPS as well: Feel free to suggest features you'd like to see in it or talk about how this huge "ideas list" can be improved.
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PK8 Wrote:
  • Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Hexen, Heretic, Duke Nukem, Goldeneye 007, Perfect Dark, Quake, Turok, Unreal Tournament, Half-life, Daikatana(hahaha)---


I was actually thinking about this myself, but I was gonna go with the standard first person battle mode with FPS elements worked in (ammo counter, weapon swap etc.)
This sounds very ambitious based on the sole fact that this is RMXP, but I really would love to see such a system!
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I edited my list yesterday, but didn't really post that I did so until now.
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