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Audio File Encryption - Dark-Yen - 03-08-2008

Audio File encryption
Version: 1.0

3 years ago I was searching the net. On one of the support! pages of microsoft I found a topic on encryption. There was a link mentioned to a dll file Advstl.dll. I Downloaded it straight away, and started to toy with the given WINAPI codes. I came on the idea of trying to encrypt the audio files, something people wanted for very long and I started to write a script.

This year I stumbled on the dll again. I was googling it, to find out whether someone else had used it. OH HELL KGC it self wrote a script AND explanation of the dll. I was very desenlighted about the fact I had been doing all the work for nothing. But then again, no-one ever used it.

So here I am, I made a tool to encrypt music and the possibility to encrypt other files too. I copied the style from KGC (I did not use the r= check to check if the encryption had worked), so there goes that credit for the dll code, but Enjoy.

  • Encrypt All music files but MP3
I placed some screenshots in the Screenshot topic, browse through my posts, it was a time ago (I had this now for over 3 years, like said)

Demo Download

Well, the script is in demo, aswell as the DLL.

The demo features a File Browser which you can use to
- play music (and encrypt)
- play music (and decrypt)
- encrypt an directory's music
- decrypt an directory's music

To use the encryption in your game, please copy the DLL, and the scripts with an *. Notice you can change the keys in the Started scripts.


Q: What happens if I decrypt a decrypted file? or Q: What happens if I encrypt a file that is being processed
A: Nothing. The script will return -1, meaning it did not work.

Q: What happens if I encrypt an encrypted file?
A: It is save as long as the key stays the same

Q: What happens if I decrypt a file with a wrong key
A: The file appears to be decrypted, but is lost forever.

Q: Why can't I encrypt MP3
A: Infact you can, but the due the fact the file needs to be streamed, you can't directly encrypt it again. Meaning the file would be uncrypted while it is being played, not save huh.

Q: Are my files a hundred procents save?
A: No, as Rataime explained, no they are not. But it will stop the majority of noobish people.

Does not work with MP3.

Credits and Thanks
KGC. I guess it is still theirs a bit.
Me?. Hello, it's my tool you are using. Only the dll is theirs, If I translated correctly.

Author's Notes
Just use it.