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What's up, RMers? - PK8 - 06-26-2009

Hey, feel free to chat about what you're doing, anything related to game-developing in RM.

I'm... currently making a messageback changer script.

What's up? [RM Edition] - Yin - 06-30-2009

Me and my friend Seox are working on some cool scripts for my battle system! Cool stuff being a weapons and armor level upper, weapons and armor with slots, damage algorithms, an in-battle party switcher + more. I am working on an army uniform sprite. I am also working on some window skins to put in the gallery here. It should have been done by now, but.... Things happen. :) I am also configuring my scripts and redoing my database. Lots of work.

What's up? [RM Edition] - DerVVulfman - 06-30-2009

Taking a teenie break from the MMO I'm working on with Kalie. Went straight back to Animated Battlers.

Dude, with 100+ edits over the past two years, I has gotta be nearly 'complete'. And the configuration page is cross platform with the RMVX version. I don't think I can add Ccoa's spritestrips in that the sprite graphics were handled in a totally different and incompatible manner. Almost had it... but every time a different pose came up, I had an annoying refresh flicker. And I am probably gonna skip adding a 'combined attacks' system to AnimBat so it won't get any larger than it is (sheesh, it's large). Still... I think I did good.

I just gotta work on that dang manual.

What's up? [RM Edition] - Zeriab - 06-30-2009

That sounds like fun Wulfie, except the manual thingie.

I am working on a mouse script and managing an event trivia atm. It's quite fun ^_^

What's up? [RM Edition] - PK8 - 07-02-2009

I wish I was there. ;O;

I finished my MessageBack changer + enhancer script and now I'm working on remaking the Title Script replacer + enhancer I've never released. Check out this screenshot!

[Image: 125i6wo.png]

What's up? [RM Edition] - DerVVulfman - 07-03-2009

Mea reminded me about how some people wanted to have FRONT ROW / BACK ROW formations in Animated Battlers. So with another system I made that allowed you to change the for positions in-game, I made another addon for Animated Battlers that changed the sprite's position based on the 'row' position.

What's up? [RM Edition] - PK8 - 07-03-2009

I've wasted most of my day working on a Windowskin changer in RPG Maker VX, not realising Derv had already posted his own several months ago. Oof! *facepalms*

I'm working on a Game Over changer + enhancer at the moment.

What's up? [RM Edition] - EJlol - 07-03-2009

I had to help punk with one of his script <_<

What's up? [RM Edition] - PK8 - 07-03-2009

He did. This script I'm working is going to be much better to use. I'm almost done, I just need to add the comments and it'll be all set.

What's up? [RM Edition] - Charlie Fleed - 07-03-2009

I plan to integrate the newly born Skill Activation System into the Skill Learning System (actually it was requested as an add-on of it, so...).
I have to write an installation guide for the CTB... people don't stop asking...
In another life I would like to extend the CTB to VX... and to make a blitzball script... (that would be a-m-a-z-i-n-g).