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The Lycan ABS - DerVVulfman - 11-01-2012

[Image: sj0H81z.png]
Version: 13.1

Rather large, the intent was to create an alternative to the ABS by MrMo or the Squad Based Battlesystem originally crafted by Near Fantastica.  While incorporating the movement control systems, it has since branched away and became its own entity. 

  • One kickin' ABS with explosive missiles, be it from a firearm, a spell or a thrown item. Even boomerangs and spreadshot.
  • Go ballistic with landmines and set explosives
  • Companions that follow you and can be controlled by either keyboard or a custom dialog system.
  • Limit companion responses and make pets.
  • Enemy drops or enemy corpse systems
  • Enhanced enemy detection and observation system (may require additional scripts)
  • Actual Map-Wrap! Not many ABSs have an actual built-in map wrapping system.
  • Use the mouse to move and attack with an optional, compatible mouse system
  • Pixelmovement for the lead actor character! All other events are still tile-based event controlled.
  • 8-Directional! And if using pixelmovement, the diagonals are adjusted.
  • Enhanced movement systems: sneaking, dashing and jumping
  • Three config pages, subdivided into general, weapons and stuff, and companions... for designers convenience.


(Click Me to View)

The Demos
Story 1

= AND... With the forum exclusive* PAPERDOLL System =
* Exclusive to House Slashers and Save-Point
Story 2

= AND... With the forum exclusive* PAPERDOLL System = (Currently set to Pixelmovement)
* Exclusive to House Slashers and Save-Point

Plenty... I have a .chm help file in the demo package.  Some people may experience an issue with it not delivering the text.  This would be due to the 'CHM coming from another computer', requiring you to unblock it / Trusting the Source in preferences and so on.

Meh. I tried to have it ready FOR halloween, not after. Enjoy the ride.

An RPGMaker XP script. Compatability with other systems not tested.

Credits and Thanks
In the help file and in the demo itself.

Terms and Conditions
Free for use, even in commercial games. Music courtesy of Charles Bernstein for Story 1.  Music by Ennio Morricone for Story 2.

RE: The Lycan ABS - DerVVulfman - 11-08-2012

I now proudly present the first
to Version 1.2

First, I added a small command called cutscene_enabled that allows you to turn off the ABS system, deactivate the sneak and dash systems, and disabled the player from jumping all in one shot. Likewise, you can use it to turn all four systems back on too.

But secondly, a minor rewrite to the RPG::Sprite system was done which allows this ABS system to function within the same project as Charlie Fleed's Final Fantasy-like CTB v 3.2. I cannot say that this system will work with every battlesystem, with or without any aid. I do know it does not functionwith Cogwheel's RTAB system, but it does function just fine with Charlie Fleed's. There maybe an issue between a single common event in his demo and the use of pixelmovement, but that is all.

RE: The Lycan ABS - KasperKalamity - 11-08-2012

i tried downloading it, and it is from an earlier version of rmxp (can't load it) and also that RGSS104E.dll could not be found

RE: The Lycan ABS - DerVVulfman - 11-09-2012

Actually, I am using the new v 1.04 editor and package since I had the HD crash. Thankfully, the new guys who hold the license for distribution had my eMail on file so the upgrade (after losing my old paid copy) was a freebie.

Try replacing the game.exe with one from one of yours, and edit the game.ini where it says:
That usually solves the issue with different versions.

RE: The Lycan ABS - DerVVulfman - 11-23-2012

Time for a
to Version 1.5

I've been working on a new system that co-exists with The Lycan ABS, but while working on it I did some additional cleanup and a few bug fixes here and there.

First off, I reworked the three classes: Game_Character, Game_Player and Sprite_Character and, for lack of a better explanation, I SDK-ed them. I replaced and rewrote the update methods with those from the RMXP SDK and tweaked them out for the ABS. On the plus side, you still do NOT need the RMXP SDK as MrMo's ABS did. Also, it makes it easier to write new methods and attach them to my system.

After that, I did a little touch-up to both the DASH and SNEAK systems. A little bit of streamlining. Not much. But cleaner code.

And I discovered and fixed a strange anomaly where enemies set to use the default view range system built into the ABS (and not use Near Fantastica's View Range script) would be able to attack and HIT the player regardless of distance. The player could be 10 tiles away from an enemy and it said he was right next to the target! Wierdness.... but repaired.

Oh, and I did add more aesthetic content to the demo, be it more work on the credits, ambient sound effects here and there, and instructions from NPCs while you talk to them.

Remember: I'm using RMXP v 1.04e, the newest version. If using an earlier version, just replace the Game.Exe in my demo and alter the Game.Ini to use your older .dll under the 'Library' heading.

RE: The Lycan ABS - hansiec - 11-25-2012

1 Question (and a suggestion if it's not possible):

Is this compatible with any of the Mode7,ISO, or FPLE systems?

Truly Amazing either way.

RE: The Lycan ABS - DerVVulfman - 11-25-2012

It is currently not compatible with HMode7. I have looked into compatability with HMode7 with older ABSs and made headway, however HMode7 as it is 'currently released' has issues with on-map battle animations. I know a solution was found for that issue (talked to MGC) but that was for preliminary work.

Hey, ya like that I already looked into it, aren't ya. Winking A little more in the works BTW.

RE: The Lycan ABS - hansiec - 11-26-2012

Oh yes, I found out how to remove the "older version of game maker" problem, simply create a new project and copy the graphics/scripts/audio folders from the Lycan ABS to the new project, I don't know why but the above method just didn't work for me : /

Anyways, the animation problem is easy to fix (but translating it to the new 3D coords is harder)

RE: The Lycan ABS - DerVVulfman - 11-28-2012

Time for a
to Version 1.6

RE: The Lycan ABS - MetalRenard - 11-28-2012

The animation modification is really cool, it would allow for some nifty effects and speedy gameplay. Plus this is one hell of an ABS, well done buddy.