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The Lycan ABS Isometric View Patch - DerVVulfman - 04-17-2014

The Lycan ABS Isometric View Patch
Ver 1.3

This system is designed to allow users of the Lycan ABS to work with the Isometric View system by MGC, translated by GubID. This would afford you TRUE Isometric map action rather than using the pseudo-system built into the Lycan ABS. Meanwhile, it also upgrades the Isometric system so autotiles, including animated autotiles, may be rendered and shown.


[Image: Nx4YV1z.png]
[Image: UelmrRz.png]

The Lycan ABS and
GubiD's Isometric View

Terms and Conditions
Free for use, even in commercial games.

RE: The Lycan ABS Isometric View Patch - DerVVulfman - 04-18-2014

to version 1.2

A minor glitch was introduced when I posted this, where the end user could set up how big the map viewport was to be set. Normally, this is 640x480.

Meanwhile, an upgrade was added to the Spriteset_Map initialize routine within the patch. This upgrade actually fixed the Iso system so autotiles can be drawn and used on the map. This goes for even animated autotiles.

RE: The Lycan ABS Isometric View Patch - DerVVulfman - 04-23-2014

to version 1.3

Hooooo...!!! It became magic time. If you wanted mouse control, you HAVE it! Working with the MOUSIE system within the Lycan ABS demo, you may now enjoy point-n-click control. And for those curious whether the mouse control can handle the height differences within the isometric height map that is a part of the Isometric View system.... YES! It does work with the height map.

Now companions following you? Well, they're a bit dense. But seriously, what do you expect. I would recommend wider paths, but they can follow you if your maps are compliant with their stupidity (er) tendencies to move about.

RE: The Lycan ABS Isometric View Patch - JayRay - 04-23-2014

[Image: ss_fd7085598b727fe4a0e301e9791628e052f3d...0x1080.jpg]

"Slowly stands and starts a standing ovation"

DerVVulman, I know I don't speak for everyone here, but screens like THIS would be possible with the new Lycan Iso Patch - You're awesome....

Now, if we can get the resolution higher... from 640x480 to say 800x600 or 1024x768... man....

But, seriously, this is EPIC - Great Job!

RE: The Lycan ABS Isometric View Patch - DerVVulfman - 04-23-2014

Oh, you haven't discovered my little module where you adjust the width/height yet?

#  As a bonus,  it has a tiny configuration module  which lets you adjust how
#  large the spriteset window will show.   Defaulted to 640 x 480 resolution.
module IsoMap
  SPRITEMAP_X = 640   # Lets you set the width of the spriteset map window
  SPRITEMAP_Y = 480   # Lets you set the height of the spriteset map window

Resolution is still dependent on your Resolution script and Tilemap script as well as the Spriteset_Map. All three (or four if you count the Spriteset_Battle) are key.