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GubiD's Isometric Maps Package - DerVVulfman - 06-21-2014

GubiD's Isometric Maps Package
GubiD's Isometric Maps
Revision: 1.1
Isometric Maps Drawer by GubID
The Hovering Tile Event Patch by DerVVulfman

GubiD's Map system lets you create isometric maps such as those seen in games like Diablo or Baldur's Gate. It does so by utilizing a child map which holds the apparent heights for each available space... a height map if you prefer.

Meanwhile, the Isometric Map Drawer takes your Iso Height mask map and generates a pseudo 3D map with the use of isometric tiles. It recognizes the tile height setting of GubiD's Isometric Map script and draws the isometric tiles accordingly.

And the Hovering Tile Event Patch allows you to create walkways and bridges that the player may both walk on top of beneath for a more 3D experience. This is done by the use of special hovering events so coded to hover at specific altitudes, block passage and more.


Plenty, and in the demo for all three scripts.

Designed for RPGMaker XP.

Credits and Thanks
Thanks to MCaladtogel (MGC) and Siegfried for the initial work, and GubiD for the translation and recreation of the Isometric map system as well as the creation of the Map Drawer.

RE: GubiD's Isometric Maps Package - DerVVulfman - 06-25-2014


Now to Revision 1.1
An issue came which froze the player if he teleported from an isometric map to a normal map, particularly from an iso map when the player was at a higher elevation. The system's 'passable_heights?' feature assumed that the player tried climbing an impassable wall or something. So a minor fix was added to the system and the hovering tiles patch.