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Enemy Challenge for Experience - DerVVulfman - 11-25-2019

Enemy Challenge for Experience
Version: 1.0


Tired of letting gamers grind away hours fighting weaker monsters so they can level themselves up? Do you want to make sure they may only increase their character's levels by fighting monsters tough enough to give them a real threat? Then this script is for you.

Inspired by a feature from iishenron's RPGMaker 2000 game "Three the Hard Way", this system calculates the combined statistics of every enemy in a troop to that of the heroes in the party. And as long as the enemy is not too weak, the party gets experience for the enemy's defeat.

VANCE*: "But if I decide to spend the next two years fighting slimes to build myself up..."
* The main hero of "Three the Hard Way"

Clearly, this is not going to happen with this script.

The Main Script

The Patch (if you don't perform a direct edit)

Built into the script.

Before calculating party member stats, it removes all 'gear' from the actors. So the actor stats calculated are before adding any bonuses from armor or weapons.

Designed primarily for RPGMaker XP. The main script only aliases the main system. The patch alters a method in Scene_Battle. But as stated, it only adds a single functioning line which anyone can add into their own custom system.

Credits and Thanks
Thanks to iishenron for the basic concept.

Credits and Thanks
Free for use, even within commercial products. Due credit is required.