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Alysha's Cached Audio - DerVVulfman - 07-07-2020

Alysha's Cached Audio
Version: 1.1

[Image: Eb6tpGA.png]


This system is designed with the purpose of protecting your game's music and audio files, giving them a minor encryption using the same data structure as RPGMaker XP's innate system, storing them within the game's Data folder, and allowing them to be compressed/encrypted within the .rgsaad file.

  • Gives a level of protection towards your audio files
  • Places them within your Data Folder and permits rxdata compression

  • Audio files take slightly longer to load based on filesize
  • Minor increase in cached file size by approximately 1.18 percent
  • Audio saved in the Data folder cannot be played in the Editor, game only*
  • During playback, original file is temporarily 'restored' in the root folder... but PROTECTED from copying anyway.

* Caching audio files makes valid .rxdata copies within your Data folder, and does not erase the originals. Original audio files within the Audio folder may still be played.

Cached Audio

Pretty much plug-and-play in its functions, but it does require you to use script calls to actively 'cache' audio which self-stores within the Data folder. And when you are done, use the "RGSAAD" value to let the script know it is ready for an encrypted/compressed game.

Detailed instructions are inside the script itself.

But if you need an editor for the system, a simple and easy-to-use one is available below:

Cached Audio Editor


This script will obviously conflict with any other script that will modify the bgm_play, bgs_play, me_play and/or se_play methods within Game System, and will conflict with any script that alters the animation_process_timing method within the RPG::Sprite class that handles battle system effects.

Other than that, it is compatible for RPGMaker XP systems.

Terms of Use

Free to use, even in commercial projects. Just note that I need some form of due credit... even a mere mention in some end titles.

[Image: Exclusive1.png]

RE: Alysha's Cached Audio - DerVVulfman - 07-16-2020

to Version 1.1

The Windows OS is a fun little system.  It can prevent a user from copying or deleting a file whilst the file is in use. So I added some lines to prevent  the possibility of one's game crashing.

Meanwhile, I now have a fun and adorable little logo thanks to a good friend.