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The Weekly Gazette 01-02-2022 - DerVVulfman - 01-03-2022

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(December 27, 2021 to January 2, 2022)

Welcome dear readers to the latest issue of the Weekly Gazette! Here in the Gazette, we give you the news in brief of what occurred in the past week as well as provide any news happening in Save-Point itself

Official Area
Early this week, Syddo came by and was greeted by DerVVulfman and kyonides. He revealed that he was a bit of a composer of 8-bit music and amateur pixel artist. He is also a fan of famicon/snes games and came by to ask DerVVulfman a few questions about his Lycan ABS.

And after luke128th lept from the rafters and joined the community with MGC's HMode7 on his mind, he was greeted by DerVVulfman whose work he also admired.

Now starting his work on a combat system, banana7 ventured into our forum looking for materials for use.

Who likes cake? Do you like cake? Plenty of cake went around this week, especially birthday cake. We started this week seeing plenty of birthday cake going around to Diorm and Vis_Mage. The birthdays of Waddle Dee and Zachariad came not long after and they all had cake a plenty. After that, a good-sized slice of cake went out to Glad300[/Thread. And then the year ended with birthday celebrations for [Thread=3020]flamiekitten and TeamNingo the next day. Cake being shared was fine, but it's fun when you can open presents together on New Years Day, and that is exactly what the mass gathering of pinkink, joman159, masonhyla, krootkinshaper, Caldaron, com_ander, firevenge007, Grael, natinusala, link491, F117Landers, Xerdas, eric_rpgfaction, dasfjkhgasdjhk, masternoxx, Inklesssharpie, Blablablabla123, linkey, galord, Rangnarok and LevoMalvo had done. And the last bit of cake this week was enjoyed byVictor Sant.

General Chat
This week, the start of a new year is What's on the mind of kyonides.

As with every week, we receive News of the World, whether for good or ill. And speaking of illnesses, it turns out that the latest Omicron variant of Covid-19 seems to be wiping out the more-lethal Delta variant. But even as the new strain of Covid forced the US State Department to issue travel warnings, NY Governor Phil Murphy chose to take a Christmas holiday in Costa Rica, receiving criticism as Covid cases surge in his state. And a double-whammy hit the airlines as both poor weather conditions and Covid based staff shortages forced over 2000 flight cancellations. The loss of famed actress Betty White, Green Nuclear Energy, BioEngineered food, Cuba and China, and much much more hit this week's news.

Tech Talk
This week, kyonides entered the FXRuby thread by Kain Nobel, to give warning or advice regarding the flexibility of components and its odd appearance using Debian, a Ruby-compatible version of Linux OS.

Games Development
Development Discussion
When asking anyone What's up with fellow RMers, you'd find that kyonides has been working on a KPartyActors sans a Graphic Interface. Meanwhile, Remi-Chan came by to reveal three new videos including a new cutscene where one of her heroes faces an immortal nemesis, as well as many graphics including a shot of a teleportation screen showing one of her game's planets.

Upcoming Projects
The tale of three sisters who have the heart to brighten a universe worth saving continues in Fantasia: Surreal Cosmic Progeny. Projected for a March 2022 release, Remi-chan brings us the latest pre-release build and a video showing the three sisters and the odds they must face.

Material Development
Scripts Database
This week, kyonides created a series of scripts, his first for RPGMaker VXAce entitled Panik Value. As its name implies, it displays a so-called panic level display wherever you wish on the screen. He visited the script twice, customizing the font and fixing how the display refreshes.

For RPGMaker XP, kyonides released KPartyActors altering the system so there are limitations, fixing issues and making the feature require his recent FixedArray script.

Kyonides also created the FixedArray whereby you can set arrays to keep at a certain size or length.

And lastly for both RPGMaker XP and VXAce, kyonides released the KExpBooK which can turn items into experience books.

Kyonides updated his General Methods XP VX & ACE thread with two more sets of code, one that handles color inversion and a modification to RPGMaker VXAce's menu status display.

This week, DoubleX updated his Popularized ATB Compatibility plugin for RPGMaker MV, now able to work better with Yanfly's Engine Plugins, his Engine Extension and Sideview Enemies.

Resources Database
DerVVulfman continued to work upon the HALF KAISER BATTLER PROJECT, now presenting a kimono spritesheet in light rose. He notes that it is merely the robe section, not including the sash-like belt known as an obi.

The dawn of a new year begins with new tilable graphics by Eric Matyas. As he continues Building a Massive Library of Free Images for Everyone, he releases large and detailed bark and brickwork that you can find use in your games.

Creativity Section
Music and Audio
New wave superheroes and fast paced arcade games, music of this nature was just made this week by Eric Matyas who continues to Sharing His Original Music and Sound FX.

As music is the thing, Remi-chan posted the Jake Gamelin Suite, soundtracks that her composer had made for her games over the years.

Art and Design
Just as it had before, a rough draft entered Remi-chan's Neato Arty thread thing, this one being a supplemental character for her game series.

Literature Section
You will find that Remi-chan's Writing Snippets now includes an argument about what to watch on the TV between a cat, a dog and a kangaroo, leading to one thing they may all agree upon. But later, the cat appeared in another tale where he gave a very hopeful speech.

Why has Alex always been so reckless? How is it possible that Basil can stand him after all these years? To know the answers to those questions and learn about how they met Gloria and Hilda, you better check the tales of Kyonides and His One Shots for his latest Short Odyssey.

Well, that's it for this week.

"I bought a perfect second car... a tow truck." - Rodney Dangerfield (1921-2004)


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RE: The Weekly Gazette 01-02-2022 - kyonides - 01-03-2022

The Weekly Gazette Wrote:And lastly for both RPGMaker XP and VXAce, kyonides released the KExpBooK which can turn items into experience books.

Actually my script is also available for RM VX. Happy with a sweat Now it is available for all RGSS based engines! Grinning

RE: The Weekly Gazette 01-02-2022 - DerVVulfman - 01-03-2022

(01-03-2022, 06:16 AM)kyonides Wrote:
The Weekly Gazette Wrote:And lastly for both RPGMaker XP and VXAce, kyonides released the KExpBooK which can turn items into experience books.

Actually my script is also available for RM VX. Happy with a sweat Now it is available for all RGSS based engines! Grinning

Which clearly wasn't done until after the Gazette was posted at 12:00 AM EST, the page edit showing an alteration 2 hours later.  That, and no updating bump acknowledging this.  The gazette posts 'new' content supplied in new posts. And alterations that are done on the fly and concealed in this manner will go unnoticed and unreported.

RE: The Weekly Gazette 01-02-2022 - kyonides - 01-03-2022

It's curious you say that there was no bump in my thread for I had posted the following this Sunday afternoon, around 2 p.m. my local time, add an hour for the East Coast.

An Interesting Update

All versions of my scriptlet will let you freeze or thaw an actor's experience gaining feature.
By default the experience gaining feature is enabled. (@exp_frozen = nil)

Plus you can now use it in all RGSS based versions of the RPG Maker engine, including VX[Image: grin.gif]

I guess you didn't read the VX part of my post. Laughing

Anyway, I am not mad at you for we can always post what has been left out just in case you were quite busy and didn't notice something or you had to provide us with a very summarized record of what happened last week.

Thanks for doing your best to keep us informed.