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Hiya! - WOW - 01-15-2022

Hiya! Do not have much to say really... Just hi y'all I suppose.I am 32, and I am currently residing in the cold North Tundras. Anyhow I have been doing the RMXP stuff since 010, but sadly never amounted to anything more than folders on folders of incomplete projects. Currently working on some smaller and simpler RMXP project since i was able to recover my old email where an ancient RMXP purchase receipt from Degica lied dormient. Not sure what else I'm supposed to say since I have never been much of supa social chap myself... Oh well, I delved a bit into GB and SNES programming over the years, since my first ever Vg was Pokemon Yellow, which by the way I was supposed to get CIB with the Gameboy Color console, but as faith decided and my cheap wise-ass of a dad also,  I got an used loose copy in German language with a Gameboy Color having battery fluid leakage damages for my birthday...(Like dude WTF?!) Safe to say my moms was furious since she specifically told him what to get, from where and how much it costed... I mean to be honest if I had a kid I would never do such to him/her specially on their Bday, and for what? Just to save up few bux so that I can go get my fix at the local horse race parlour...? No sir, my own children are much more precious and are my priority, but I digress. That Pokemon Yellow event basically triggered my imagination, making me spending sleepless nights trying to find a way to "translate" the game into a language I could understand, silly kiddo I was. Basically the Pokemon Yellow incident shaped my curiosity for video games and the code that lies behind 'em.

RE: Hiya! - DerVVulfman - 01-16-2022

*HOWUUU!!!!*  (Translation from Lycan:  Pika?)

ACK, what did I just say?  Not a Pokefan.  

As to the games you're working on, anything fun about them?  And what's your specialty other than perhaps scripting?