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 BlueSkies (COMPLETE)
[Image: mjeoyOs.jpg]

[Image: s7lk0CF.png]
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[Image: JFuNQ6t.png]
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[Image: yJE77Qe.png]
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[Image: rS8hloO.png]
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[Image: pmh9nkY.png]
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[Image: 50VLbBZ.png]
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[Image: 7WO3lLh.png]
1. Shuya's 3D model art

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2.  Mirpono 's Very cute Sky fanart!
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3. Game Character Map (Huge image)
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Pictures used: Gozaru, Chaos-portal, Shuya's 3D melyra art.

  • Gozaru for the facesets
  • for the midi's I used ingame
  • MetalRenard for helping me with my writing
  • Lightness for a minor face recolor edit
  • VIPRPG for the costum RTP based charsets

  • Fun and colorful story, dialogues and characters.
  • Immersive soul capturing plot events.
  • Decent Battle difficulties, beginner friendly, as well as
          interactive enough for expert gamers.
  • Side quests and hidden quests that allows you to
  • acquire items, money or even summons!!
  • Nostalgic RPG music for your ears' memoirs.
  • Puzzles with a mix of poetic riddles to ignite that curiousity!
  • Explore the fantasy world of Vyen, the continents.. and learn their mysteries!

[Image: 2FYc3O4.png]
It is really one of my goals to make this an emotionally driven RPG that is both soulful and meaningful. I want to give that feeling from before when we started playing RPG games in our childhood such as the Final Fantasy series. The vibe those games gave where it is fun not only game-play wise, but also story-wise.

Creating a story that is involving for the players as you lost yourselves, fully immersing within a rich fantasy world.

Riding this story which is intended to bring about childhood nostalgia and feelings of love for such games and it's simplicity. I hope that I have given you all an RPG that you can enjoy as my goals dictate.

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