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Graphics Program
Anyone know where to find a good graphics program for making your own charsets and tilesets or editing pre-existing ones in RPG Maker XP?
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Photoshop, but it costs a lot.

Gimp, graphicsgale and charactermaker1999 are free softwares. Google them.
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I personaly use Gimp and graphicsgale.Graphics gale is great for making pixel art of all kinds and its free version has all the stuff you need paying for the other version seems like a waste of time.

Gimp is more appropriate forDoing things like blur effects splashes and speacal tricks to enhance sets.
You can make easy lighting effects with it and realy gorgeous fades and texts.that and its loads more then just pixel oriented.

I use these cause their easy,free,and because I need to do a wide array of art.
Im sure theyll be enough for most who arent professional .

Oh and if you need even more
Gimp users can make thier own brushes simular to photoshops ability to do the same.
So you should be able to find plenty on deviant art for effects like grass or stuff you just cant draw like arcane circles and whatnot.
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I use GIMP for character making and GraphicsGale for Tilesets. :)
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Paint tool sai is awesome, I have a registered copy XD.
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