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 Kingdom Hearts: Generation of Guardians
ive never played kingdom hearts but this looks pretty interesting.
id give it a try :p
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I don't like kingdom hearts at all, but this seems well made. The trailer hooks me a bit and you have lots of info added.
I will play it tomorrow. and give you a more in-depth critique then.
you should use
to separate two sections of the thread.
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for this being ur first game it is very good it kept me interested witch a lot of games fail to do
good job. :3

do u need any help?
i'm will to help do some mapping and
find some kingdom hearts rips
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Over a thousand Views and nobody made a comment in about a month and a half? C'mon guys, if you played the game, comment about it or something!
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Well i like it but im stuck on
Destiny Islands :p
how to go back to the gummi ? xD
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Just search for a save point. There is one house you'll be able to enter that is in the last area of Destiny Islands.
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