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 RMXP Editor Hotkeys
RMXP Editor Hotkeys
By vgvgf

Use RMVX? see the RMVX Editor Hotkeys list.

There are many hotkeys or special functions that aren't documentated in RMXP, the purpose of this list is to show them, but there are also included the common hotkeys. This list may not have all hotkeys.

MOUSE1 Mouse primary button
MOUSE2 Mouse secondary button
MOUSE3 Mouse third button(Wheel click)
Green colored Only documented in help file or tooltips
Red colored Undocumented hotkeys

CTRL+A Select all
CTRL+X Cut(Copy & Delete)
CTRL+V Paste
DEL Delete
F1 Help
ALT+F4 Close window
CTRL+ENTER Apply changes & Close dialog

Main Window
CTRL+N New project
CTRL+O Open project
CTRL+S Save project
F9 Database
F10 Materialbase
F11 Script editor
F12 Play test

Map Editor
F5 First layer
F6 Second layer
F7 Third layer
F8 Events editing mode

Map Tree Editor
SPACE Edit map properties
INS Insert map
CTRL+T Shift map

Tile Layers
F2 Current layer and below
F3 All layers
F4 Dim other layers
SHIFT Disable autotile function
MOUSE2 Copy Area/Cancel editing
MOUSE3 Free movement

Event Editing Mode
ENTER Edit/Create event
MOUSE2 Cancel event dragging

Event Editor(Map, Common, Battle)
Command List
SPACE Edit Function
ENTER New Function
CTRL+N Batch text entries
MOUSE3 Free Movement
CTRL+PAGE DOWN Previous Page

Show Text Command
F2 Preview

Variable/Switches Editing
F4 Previous Item
F5 Next Item

F4 Previous Item
F5 Next Item
CTRL+PAGE DOWN Previous Section
CTRL+PAGE UP Next Section

Actor Parameters
MOUSE1 Set value
MOUSE2 Select level

PAGE UP Scroll Up
PAGE DOWN Scroll Down
ALT Move per 2 pixels
SHIFT Move all images

Script Editor
Script Contents
F6 Name section
F3 Find next
Shift+F3 Find previous
CTRL+H Replace
CTRL+M New line without indentation
CTRL+J New line with indentation(Equal to ENTER)
CTRL+D Duplicate line
CTRL+L Delete line
CTRL+I Indentation
CTRL+T Swap lines
CTRL+(+) Zoom in
CTRL+(-) Zoom out
CTRL+(/) Zoom default
ALT+MOUSE Rectangle selection
CTRL+DRAG Copy dragged text to...
TAB Add line indentation
SHIFT+TAB Remove line indentation

Script Sections
INS Add section
F4 Previous section
F5 Next section
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I never knew the red ones in the script editor section. I mean, I knew the swap lines and the new line, but not the rest. Thanks really useful list.
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I'm bookmarking this page because it will help me greatly. Ugh, I wish I would have known some of these a long time ago (especially the shift during the animations)!
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