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 Cold's Bestiary and Item Book
Hello together

I have a few questions about a great Bestiary and Item Book I found.
You find it here:

I ask in this Forum since I can't reach Cold (the scripter) or help from the forum the script is posted.

It has to parts, the first one which is an add on and the second one script itself (txt file is under the "download" button)

2 questions about it:

Firstly, the enemy picture is taken from the enemy ID and since I use the animated battlers, it doesn't' look very good. Means, he takes the battler sprite with 4 rows and 11 lines (usual for animated battlers)
How can I put in an order path, in order I can store a normal pictures for the enemy.
Hope you know what I mean

Secondly, how can I hide enemies, which should not be listed in the book. Or also when defeated once, the "???" stays and are not showing the status figures

Really hope somebody can help me =)

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