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 Half Kaiser tilesets anyone?
People have made some tilesets for the standard RTP-sized system... that's a given.  Default sized characters can use the default-sized tilesets and these are the easiest to plan out.

However... sprites that use the Half-Kaiser template are larger and demand a slightly altered format of tileset and needs a different set of tiles.

Sample Tilesets to base upon

Now, I do have to point out that usage of these tilesets and templates have terms covered in HBGames.Org's (HKCP) The Half-Kaizer Construction Project.  Basically, you would have to credit the whole management team (or whatever) and the artist(s) who made the work in question.  And that the ya gotta give a url link to the HKCP thread (like I just gave in the clickable link above.

As to the types of tilesets I am requesting...  Desert, Woods, Swamp, Town, Forest Town, Village,.... the whole kit and kaboodle.
Le Bump
Well I don't know if you already have these ones but, here you go:

Tuscany (outdoors.)
[Image: CovinaKey-Town-SpringbyVenetia.png]

Tuscany (Indoors-Incomplete.)
[Image: SampleofWhatsDone03byvenetia.png]

FarmHouse (Interior)
[Image: FarmInteriorCompletebyVenetia.png]

Charactersets for Farmhouse:

[Image: FireplaceFire.png]

[Image: LanternLight.png]

Door Fade (For showing doors on South Walls.)
[Image: Doors-Faded-01.png]

Stair Fade (to show where stairs end.)
[Image: Fade-Short.png]

Autotiles for Farmhouse:

Shabby Rug:
[Image: Rug-Shabby1.png]

Shabby Rug 2:
[Image: Rug-Shabby2.png]

[Image: FloorFrame-Wood01.png]

I haven't tested these so I do not know if they work for what you're asking for :/ Sorry.
Well the tilesets are resized. So they won't work.
Ahh shoot. Sorry Dervv.

Well here's the link to the album.

When you click on the images just hit "full size" and it will probably work.
Sorry to tell you this, but these are the sizes of the RESIZED photobucket files. Hitting Full Size gets me a tileset strip no wider than 63 px in width.

I haven't tested them, but the fireplace, rugs and floor look good though.
Well if you want I can just email you the tilesets. Don't think there's a way to have it so Photobucket won't resize them, unless you know of another image sharing site that's better. :/
That would be fine. Thanks, BT255. That's assuming my dialup can handle it. :P I keep my eMail public in the forums, so if you didn't find it by now... it's I keep it simple.

Oh, and yeah. I use FILEDen for my stuff. Works fine and is free. Just have to avoid the evil advertisements when signing on/registering. Others may use ImageShack, but I can store my demos here too.
Alright. I'll email them Asap.
Wow. Sweet. Should help a lot. Other than 'CovinaTown' (49px width), the first attachment, they came out fine.

PS: I see you logged in right now. Reading the shoutbox. ;)

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