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[RMXP] Loading Time
Hey guys,

Since I bought a new notebook, RMXP is kinda slow.
My Notebook ins much better than my old one, but the loading times
have increased. These loading times appear just in some cases, now I found out, it has to do with
the music. The standard RMXP Music or Midi Files slow my game down and cause huge
loading times, almost 15 seconds of waiting before the battle begins e.g. .
Did someone has the same problem? Mybe I need more codecs? I hope
someone knows an answer Grinning
[Image: 76561198077561206.png]
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Dang that's a big loading time! I've heard of other people having a similar issue but have never heard of a solution.
All I can suggest is checking out your computer's CPU and RAM usage during this 'loading' process. Maybe there is some kind of conflict between different software too... I'm just guessing here.
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I tink it's to do with your MIDI software or sound device. My sound card has terrible MIDI spport and I get the same problem, but no problem at all when I use MP3 files.

Try updating your software if possible.
Seriously though, the ending for Mass Effect 3 wasn't that bad, get over it.
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Software AND drivers ;)
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My drivers seem to be up to date. In the hardware manager I have Realtek High Definition Audio and 4 of the same entry NVIDIA High Definition Audio.
I tried to update but like I said, up to date^^
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I've heard of 64 bit computers being slow with some 32 bit programs. I have a 64 bit computer, and mine is fine, but it could be different for some people I guess. Maybe that could be the problem?
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I have 64bit but it runs, except of these sound loading times, smooth^^
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I think it's to do with Vista and 7. Many people are probably already aware that Vista and 7 have broken MIDI in comparison to XP. XP and VX have their own MIDI driver/whatsits to avoid that, but they're still slower to load.

OGGs are horrendous to load in XP. (And VX IIRC, but apparently its streamed there so it shouldn't?) They're part of the load time for me so much that I've removed music from my title screen.
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