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 Wood Crash
[Image: logosite.png]
Wood Crash, a little game to help you through the boring parts of your day!

Note: The game is in English!

About The Game:
Jean Monos is a French game developer who's known for making lots of smaller games rather than the usual grandiose, epic kind (and if we're being realistic, most of those don't get finished anyway! Haha). Wood Crash is a pet project of his, one he's wanted to make for a while. This is because, as he told me, he wanted to play this particular game with these particular rules/settings. Nothing out of the ordinary, but it is a finished game.

Programmer: Jean Monos
2D Graphics: Pit73
Music: MetalRenard
Special thanks: Loic Joint, Loic Ovigne, Oniromancie, Le comptoir du clikeur, Nono.

A little bonus? I wrote the soundtrack!
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