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 RMVX Ace Script Call Eventing Procedures.
This was copied in part from RPG Maker (

Enclosed is a compiled list of several script calls that mimic event actions.




Conditional Branch


Show Picture[index].show(file_name, upperleft/center, x, y, x zoom, y zoom, opacity, blend type)

Move Picture[n].move(0/1(top left or center), x, y, zoom1, zoom2, opacity, blend type (0,1,2), wait)

Picture Tone[n].start_tone_change(,0,0,0), wait)



Move Event

move_route =
move_route.repeat =false
move_route.skippable =true
m =
m.code =45#The List of M Code can be found over Game_Character, this current m.code is call script
m.parameters =["script call here"]

Transfer Event Location

$[id].moveto(new_x, new_y)

Transfer Player

$game_player.reserve_transfer(map_id, x, y, direction)

Screen Tint

t,green,blue, gray)
screen.start_tone_change(t, duration)

Shake Screen

@params=[]@params[0]= power or $game_variables[x]@params[1]= speed or $game_variables[y]@params[2]= duration or $game_variables[z]

Call Common Event:

Play SE/ME/BGS/BGM:"SE Name", volume, pitch).play"ME Name", volume, pitch).play"BGS Name", volume, pitch).play"BGM Name", volume, pitch).play

Show Text:

Gain/lose Item:

$game_party.gain_item($data_items[id], amount)
$game_party.lose_item($data_items[id], amount)
(For weapons/armor use $data_weapons or $data_armors in place of $data_items.)

Gather Followers:


Change Player Followers:

$game_player.followers.visible =trueorfalse

Erase Event:


(Conditional) Button pressing

Remove Actor


Add Actor


Remove Party Member from position (where x = party position. 0 = 1st member, 1 = 2nd member, etc.)

m = $game_party.members

Gain/lose gold:

Check for current max gold:

Get map id and name:

Show Choices
choices =[]
choices.push("choice 1")
choices.push("choice 2")params.push(choices)params.push(0/1/2this part iswhere you press cancel and which choice to default)

(this is very good when trying to stop the 4 choice maximum, you can use this with the following work to define what happens on each choice)
The definition is just...

command_skip if@branch[@indent]!=@params[0]
Where @params stores the choice number for that specific branch (0, 1, 2, ... )

So all you have to do is replace @params[0] with an integer

if@branch[@indent]==0# branch for first choiceelsif@branch[@indent]==1# branch for second choiceend

If anyone has any others that they'd like to add to this, I'd love to see them.
[Image: yy7iKKb.png]

Currently working on Goblin Gulch (MV)
Currently working on JayVinci Resurrection
Currently working on Bakin ABS (BAKIN)
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