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On The Mark
Starting up my new YouTube Linux News Show called On The Mark, with music by respected community member MetalRenard, and Video by JayRay!!! Check it out! ( First episode will be up in January )

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Studio update!

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Four walls, a door and a window, what more can one ask for? You just need some stripes and your hat will match your avatar.
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I'll consider it, lol
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If you want cheap sound proofing and sound dissipation, put some potted plants in the corners and hang some things in all the ceiling corners. That will help quite a bit. You can use rockwool (heat insulation) and cover it with a curtain (to stop the dust and help with sound absorption) for the walls. Even better if you can hang it 1 cm from the wall!
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OTM Press Release

Please read it for more information. I should be uploading the new videos sometime next week.
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I'm sorry, I had to....
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fedora tipping intensifies
[Image: cautionary.png]
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I wonder if I should get a Linux now that Windows XP is unsupported.
"Turning iron ore into iron swords is a hard process, for one must first dig out the rock, and melt it to refine it, then one must pour that metal into a mould, let it cool a bit, and pound on it while it cools even further. Games are no different." - Ahzoh

Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Vrkhazhian
ʾEšol ḵavud ʾelẕakud lav ʾezʾaẕud zwazaršeru ya lit žalneru lav lit t͛enud. Ṗal sa-ražheru lav raržižu paplam lav ṗal widsaṟam bemaḵu šuku lit ʾeyṭu waẏnilaẇ.
All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
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(05-01-2014, 05:01 AM)Ahzoh Wrote: I wonder if I should get a Linux now that Windows XP is unsupported.
Should get linux either way, lol. Go for broke and use arch linux XD
[Image: cautionary.png]
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