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 Photo manipulation resources
If you've heard of the term "stock" images then you should know what I'm looking for.
I would love to have a bunch of images I can use (commercially) to make nice looking imagery for my Youtube videos.

For example, recently "Olivia" made a beautiful video for me which told the story of the song - an actual music video. I want to be able to do this and I already have the basics covered such as how to use photo manipulation software and all the kinds of effects and brushes I would need, and I own the low budget version of Sony Vegas and know how to use it (120+ videos already).

I want to make stuff like this:
Admittedly this guy is much better than I am but that's just to give an idea.

TLDR: I need stock images I can use commercially. Free or cheap is best. Do you know any sites that offer this?
Let's see, good sources. (either way, you want to look up the property rights for every picture you use even if they're from "free" sites)

The public domain of the US government. (includes works of art, nasa pictures (not just trippy nebulae), etc), here
More general stuff, flowers, scenery etcetera,..., here

Also, if you need textures (you didn't ask, but I'll give you a site anyway), here.
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Awesome guys, thank you! Keep them coming!
Quote: Also, if you need textures (you didn't ask, but I'll give you a site anyway), here.
ACK! you gave away my secret stash... or did you?

I love these textures, been using them for years. However, Also, here's another good site for textures. - however, please read the terms and conditions and respect them please. Dave puts a lot of work into his stuff.
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