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 Jobs Iconset
As you all may already now many RPG or just all of them offer the player a way to choose a job or simply offer you a hero that has a very specific job.

The main problem i have is that you may find icons or pictures that represent a job class but their look isn't consistent. Everybody should agree with me that a comic or manga style icon won't match a more realistic one.

The job classes sprites or icons dimensions could be 60x60px or 80x80px or 100x100px but all of them should have the same dimensions.

The job classes I included on my list are:
  • Swordsman - portrays a sword and a shield
  • Lancer (Spearman or Dragoon) - spear
  • Warrior (Axeman) - axe
  • Thief - kind of simple knives
  • Hunter (Archer or Bowman) - bow
  • Gunner - guns or rifle or AK-47
  • Assassin - daggers
  • Bard - harp
  • Cleric or Priest - healing or protection related
  • Mage or Wizard - runes or scrolls
  • Shaman (Metamorph) - animal related
  • Naturalist or Herbalist - plant related
Of course if you want you may add more job classes at will.

The idea is that all these resources should be available for any RPG fan.

I hope somebody can help me with this request.
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