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 World Circuit Boxing
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Version: 1.5.5

What is World Circuit Boxing?
World Circuit Boxing is a boxing simulator which makes you the commissioner of the sport or the owner of your very own gym!  As commissioner, you have complete control over the fight schedule!   As gym owner, you get to recruit fighters from all over the world, set their fight style and training methods, and even give them 'magical' powerups that will help them in the ring.  Then, sit back, watch them brawl, collect on their performance, and use the money you make to upgrade the gym's facilities or wager on title fights.  Follow and help their careers from its beginning to the Hall of Fame!  WCB rewards creativity by allowing your gym to earn points for creating and adding new prospects to the pool of rookie pugilists and by allowing you to create fight/training styles that will aid specific fighters.  World Circuit Boxing is a complex and endless league, where older or failing fighters are retired and replaced by prospects, automatically.  Fighters are tracked and recorded even after their careers.  There are World Rankings and rankings for each of the eight regions, which lets you see how your fighters stack up to the competition.  WCB allows for unlimited gym creation, meaning you and your friends can each take over a gym, recruit fighters and battle for regional and world domination!

What does it look like?

Where can I get it?
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Anything Else?
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World Circuit Boxing has been updated to version 1.4.4 and has been placed on Steam's Greenlight. Here's the link to the page:

It's been a great experience so far and we are receiving and listening to the feedback we are receiving. You can always learn more about World Circuit Boxing at J3I Games' website:

*EDIT* Original Post Altered to show updates.
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With the fall of Steam's Greenlight program, World Circuit Boxing was selected to go live. So, after months of testing and learning the Steam ropes, J3I has finally released the game on the Steam Store.

It's really been an amazing ride! thousands of hours have been invested in bringing our game to Steam, and we couldn't be prouder. We believe that its the gamers that give games life and we believe in World Circuit Boxing!

So head over to the Steam Store page and get a copy for yourself; Invite some friends over; Create some gyms; And fight your way to the Circuit Hall of Fame!

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Today, we released the newest version of World Circuit Boxing. Version 1.5.5!

The new version fixes some bugs, adds some small features and implements a system that's been on the drawing boards for well-over a year.


-fixed a bug which caused fighters that left a gym to still earn for the gym they left
-fixed a bug that made it impossible to rehire a fighter once they left a given gym
-fixed a bug that was causing a fighter's salary to be due immediately upon recruiting them to a gym
-fixed a graphical error where skins 7, 8, and 10 face and shoulders didn't match the same skins' bodies

-added a feature in the boxer creator scene that provides a randomly generated name for the prospect when the scene starts
-expanded and darkened several windows to give more information and make them more readable

Version 1.5.5 adds the Gym Manager system. This system has literally been in the works for a long time. This enables the player to utilize a CPU to control the gyms that he/she creates. The player can further set the CPU-controlled gym's focus to one of eleven settings which are used to determine how the gym spends their funds, raises funds, recruits, creates, equips, and upgrades facilities. Having underwent about 30 years of worth of seasons, the system is finally available for players. We feel that the system creates a bit more competition as the CPU gyms challenge the player for the best prospects and the World Title.
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