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 Request for an Item Music Effect
Hey you guys. I was wondering if any of you could create a short musical effect for my Netherquest project which will play when you find a special 'evil' item. There are Nine such items and they are the most difficult to find in the game. So I need something to signify their significance. What I require is something that sounds kind of ominous to accompany the notification that the player has found the said item. I was thinking somewhere in the range of 6 to 10 seconds long. You'll be credited, of course!
[Image: k8xqUgu.png]
Need more information:
What genre do you want this in? Personally I can do metal/rock, classical and retro electronica. How complex do you want it to be? 2 instruments? A whole orchestra?... How "sound effect"-like do you want it, I mean, do you want an actual melodic "jingle" or do you want more of an ominous "cult whispers and screams" kind of thing (also possible - I sing and have a good mic). Do you want it to be more percussive, maybe?

FYI if you want custom jingles in your game, I put out about 10 (as a single mp3 you need to cut up to use) for free: Though these are all positive vibes only.
Cool. I'll check out some of those you got there. I don't want to make you do any work if there's something on there I can use.

I never thought about 'screams'! That's a great idea. The game is a classic-style RPG in fantasy, medievel (I know that's not spelled right. I hate that word!) times. So no metal. Classical would be best. For something spooky, a dark piano run, or even some cello or violin may be best. Could you do that with some horrible screams and noises in the background? I know that sounds kind of complex. I would like it to be an actual 'melody'. But I'm definitely not opposed to having the SEs thrown in there.
[Image: k8xqUgu.png]
Or a chant of some kind... IF you give me words to say. And can forgive an English accent. Huehue
I can do low and high voices and though I have yet to actually scream into my mic I can scream like a girl.
(vocal range: )
Well, let's not do a chant, unless it's just part of the background stuff. Maybe just some overlapping voices in whispers.

Here's what I'm thinking:

layer 1: some long whole-notes on a cello that builds in volume
layer 2: the whispering overlap
layer 3: periodic screamings
layer 4: the main, dark melody chords on piano or violin

You could put some crescendo type stuff with percussion instruments, like the methodical build-up of hi-hat or a crash cymbal.

Seems like a lot to place into a 6-10 second bit, but it would be pretty cool if you can do it.
[Image: k8xqUgu.png]
Hrm. I like the idea where you're going but if you're looking for ominous then violins and cymbals will take away from the severity. Here's a starting point for you to listen to, let me know if it's the kind of feeling you were going for.

No voices yet because that requires setting up my microphone and it's already 9pm, too late for that. :)
That's awesome! Yeah. Kind of like that. I like where this is going.
[Image: k8xqUgu.png]
How about this?
It's not mixed yet so don't use it as is, but will this do the job?

Fun fact: I whispered "and this is how the world ended" in French and reversed it. Have a listen:
(08-19-2015, 12:18 PM)MetalRenard Wrote: How about this?
It's not mixed yet so don't use it as is, but will this do the job?

Fun fact: I whispered "and this is how the world ended" in French and reversed it. Have a listen:

That whisper in reverse, has a lot to give to anyone who's creating a game with a race other than humans. I can see how it could easily serve as an alien language or vocals of a creature or be use as the speech coming from demons on a spirit world or a game about hauntings. I'll say you nailed it for something like that :)
Those are great, MetalRenard! Nightmarish! Sounds like the stuff my dad always told me was hidden in those Ozzy and Grim Reaper albums I used to jam back in the day.
[Image: k8xqUgu.png]

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