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 Giant Rat/Modern Battlers
A Giant Sewer Rat battler would be nice for my first boss...

Modern battlers? Characters with guns, but not just pistols, automatic rifles, shotguns, snipers??? any of those even exist?

Spider battlers?
Something like this?

[Image: q6gKplO.png][Image: lygT7mx.png][Image: zsJy2Wj.png]

Well, I wouldn't call them gigantic, but thats what I've found in my ressources.

And for the rest I got this:

[Image: LOBX9fb.png][Image: Pq0omsh.png][Image: huxFrqV.png][Image: k6GlTY5.png]

Credits belong to: Enterbrain, Sakura and a unknown author from
I was thinking about distinct characters, you know a supervillain or main game player character...
those rats are pretty good, but would be nice to have bigger ones for a boss actually.

That spider isn't bad.

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