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 Lycan ABS poses for Suki character and maybe some more
So I just noticed this in the Lycan ABS scripts and the two demos.  And I have to say.... Uh oh...  Confused  I don't know how to do much poses, but frakenspriting, and based on's settings, it turns out bad.  So when I look at the character image for Suki that I made, I think I may need some people's help on the Area 99 project for Lycan ABS character graphic poses... if someone has time.

P.S. Here's the character graphic.    
Well... I guess it's been a couple of days.... so... Bump, I guess...
Bump again... for now. Probably bump again after I get back from my week vacation, or during given that a hotel's WiFi is free. Yay for smartphones :3
And a Bump again.
long term bump.... I guess.
... And I guess another bump...
And a tiny bump here.
And another bump
I guess I'll bump this again.
I wish I could do the graphics, but I'm tied up. Granted, I'm not a pixel artist. I didn't do a bad job on Jane though...
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