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 Harp Music Effect
The artifact, Harp of Hope in NetherQuest is supposed to have the power to awaken coma-stated individuals and those sleeping.  I would like to request a Music Effect that will play whenever the Harp is used.  Creator will be credited of course, and any help will be greatly appreciated.
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Could download a trial of Mixcraft and use one of their harp vstis there.
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Rather than that, you could try a Royalty Free site to avoid copyright issues. Here's one: Royalty Free Harp Loops Samples Sounds
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Do you have any particular harp melody in mind?
How long should the jingle be?
What should it make the player feel or think?
Ahzoh: I'm not sure it's worth doing all the downloading stuff just for something that someone might already have or can whip up. But it was cool to check out the site and learn about Mixcraft.

DeVVulfman: That's a great one. But it may be a little too upbeat for what I require.

MetalRenard: Well, originally, for this part, I just started playing a BGM, and faded it out after 400 frames. So that' or 7 seconds there. Should be less than 10 for sure. The party can actually use the Harp in battle before they return it to where it's going, at which time, it can wake up sleeping allies. So don't need it lasting too long. I think it should be soothing. And it doesn't have to be very intricate. Maybe go up the scale with some notes, and then back down. See how that works.

I appreciate all the response.
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I'll see if I have some time this weekend. :)
(I don't have my instruments installed on my laptop... yet)

EDIT: Sunday 05/02
Installing instruments on my laptop, but might just fire up my desktop. It's a good excuse to finally set up my laptop properly anyway (after having it for 6 months).
Let me know if this suites your purpose. If you want, I can make it softer/ less bright sounding.

I messed around with it a lot to make it sound more than just a harp, adding the "magical" feel to it.

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.mp3   Magical Harp Loop.mp3 (Size: 346.88 KB / Downloads: 3)

Ahh! It's great man! Thank you very much. I will put it in the project now. I think you're already credited in the game for the evil treasure effect you made for me a while back.
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Pleasure. :)
Yeah just thank me for custom jingles, or something.

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