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 RPG Maker XP Modern Tilesets
Hey y'all,

Sorry if this is retreading old territory or very out-of-date, I'm new to this. I am currently trying to make my first game in RPG Maker XP (yes, VX Ace is better, but expensive). All of the built-in tile sets for XP are medieval fantasy themed, but my game takes place in modern day. Where can I find modern day tile sets for outdoors and indoors? There's a set you can buy from the RPG Maker website, but it's for VX Ace. I found some other forums that have links to a couple sets, but all the pages no longer exist. I guess I could make my own, but that's definitely a last resort.

Thanks for the help!
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Well, we have a thread that was posted back in 2010 by donanandsunder entitled Modern Tilesets Combined. And yes, the title is clickable. :P

The thread has two large attachments, one being an outside set while the other an interior. And the graphics comes from the zanyzora's site just as donanandsunder explains within.
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