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 Some sort of grey metallic inside and outside tileset
You know, I just realized this. I don't have the proper tile set graphic for Area 99. Yes, the place has the same name as the title. When picturing it in my head, I thought of this huge place surrounded by water. Inside is very grey and a bit metallic. It'd have kind of tank hangars at every entrance, with Helicopter pads as they would land there too, a very big center area, a lot of hallways, a hospital room or something, living areas (because the characters will be living there) ,etc. I chose grey because... why not. Is there a tile set, both inside and outside, for RPG Maker XP, like this? If so, where can I find it?
Heya, figured to post you directly to some sites that may have what you're looking for. All should be commercial friendly as well, but am linking to the rules or posting google translation for the non english sites, just in case. I'll soon be working on a wall tile for a project I'm helping with (that about fits the metal/grey description you're looking for) and may consider making another version for public use (or maybe even edit some of the default rtp), but since I am not sure when I can get around to it, here's some recommended sites ^^

But you can also start by browsing the official RPG Maker forum for XP specific resoures here, but you might check out the other engine versions, if you have the license for them (ex.- vx ace).

Since the rest of these are japanese sites, I'm linking to the specific pages that contains what you describe you need. But of course feel free to look around the site :P

Pixalart World, Terms (english terms towards the bottom)

Hospital tiles

Sewers (metal doors and stuff)



Not sure if you're looking for more icons, but here's another one.

Un Almacen
Has lots of cool icons


(google translated terms)
About the handling of the downloaded file

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· When reprinting, please write "something like" or "NanikasiraTkool". It is the same also when reprinting with remodeling.
Public use publicly available ◯ [Possible]: You can freely publish.
Commercial use ◯ [Possible]: It can be used freely.
report ◯ [unnecessary]: In normal cases, there is no need to report.
Remodeling ◯ [Possible]: There is no restriction on remodeling. ※ 2
Reprint ◯ [Possible]: No restriction on reprinting. .
Restrictions on genres and works to be used ◯ [Unlimited]: No limit is placed. Even if it is sexual expression, violence expression, bloodshed presentation or grotesque expression, it can be freely used if it is a moderate disclosure method or sales method that is not illegal.
※ Notation of the exhibitor in the public works
If you can not △ [Please]: Sorry to inconvenience but please use the materials on the report page of the representative 's name (handle name is fine) and the name of the work or the window of HP etc. to the inquiry form Guestbook . ※ 3

* 1, Published work refers to touching the eyes of unspecified people and putting them in play.
* 2 We will leave it to the judgment of the user as to what degree of modification data is indicated.
※ 3, it is a measure to want to know the tendency of what kind of work is used. We appreciate your understanding.

police station, school gov office etc. (may have some useful tiles)

Lab, chem factory, maintanance factory, etc

military vehicles
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Wow... Thanks! Once I start continuing again, after a personal thing I got to take care of at the moment, I will definitely find what I'm looking for with these links. This may actually help with my other projects, and future ones, too.

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