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 Legends of Loria (V A.04)
Legends Of Loria
Version A.04

Come one! Come all! I present the NEW! Legends of Loria thread. As of today, I am releasing V.04, which will now include:
  • Half of a quest!
  • Day and Night in that half quest!
  • Almost some storyline!

Demo V A.04

Now isn't that just fancy? Here's some spec's on the game!
Concept Map for Loria
Town of Tymeria
Tymerian Apartment
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You know, I'm mad I've had 54 views and not a single comment.
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I don't have any views yet on my post either. I don't know why, Let's post on each others threads kris :)
i'm starting:
This is one of the few sandbox rpg's I'm looking forward too, the maps are really good :)
Not much of a post but at least it is something.
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Does anyone else get an error in the party after talking to the waitress or is it just me?
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Great work man ill test each one so make sure you att me to the credits for beta testing lol

Beta Test:

On the 3rd floor going downstairs in the room if you walk up to the bar theres something blocking you is there a reason of this lol
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