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Hi, I've made an account mainly to access some script downloads for RPG Maker XP.

As time passes and filehosts fade, some of these get really hard to find so I'm glad I can find some of the things I want still here!

Thanks for existing, Save Point.
yo wellcome!! even if yer just here for scripts ahahahh i hope ya find evrythin ya need.
You're welcome! Get all the stuff you need, and feel free to ask around if you need to!
We're here to help!

And welcome to the site!  Grinning
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"Welcome to the forum. Come freely. Go safely; and leave something of the happiness you bring."

Laughing Paraphrasing Dracula. Well, I am the resident werewolf. But yeah, we got people here that may help if you ask. And if you have anything to share, please do.
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Welcome! :)

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