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 Hello everyone!
Hi, I'm Tristana, and I'm here to look at scripts (even tho the one I want is 250whateverbux)!
I make games as a hobby, nothing major or great so far though. Just a few prototypes in Game Maker and Unity, and a bit of playing around in RPG Maker XP and VXAce.
Right now, I'm working on a Pokémon fan game with the Pokémon Essentials kit, that I'll be modifying for extra functionality with both Pokémon related things and non-Pokémon related things, all just to try out some stuff and out of love for the Pokémon series.
Anyway, seeing as I'll need to save up some of these weird forumbux, you'll maybe be seeing more of me around!
*HOWUUUU* (Translation from Lycan: Heyooo!)

So you know something of GameMaker and Unity? Care to share any tidbits in our forum? We have so little info there.

And another PokéMon based fan project? Seems to be the thing today.

So what's your skill in game development? Coder? Spriter? Chips-n-Soda?
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Please say your expertise area is chips and soda, I'm still hungry XD
Care to tell us why your nickname is TristanaGW?
Oh yes, I think I should say hi now XD
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[Image: SP1-Writer.png]
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List of Compiled Binary Executables I have published...
HiddenChest & Roole

Give me a free copy of your completed game if you include at least 2 of my scripts! Laughing + Tongue sticking out

Just some scripts I've already published on the board...
KyoGemBoost XP VX & ACE, RandomEnkounters XP, KSkillShop XP, Kolloseum States XP, KEvents XP, KScenario XP & Gosu, KyoPrizeShop XP Mangostan, Kuests XP, KyoDiscounts XP VX, ACE & MV, KChest XP VX & ACE 2016, KTelePort XP, KSkillMax XP & VX & ACE, Gem Roulette XP VX & VX Ace, KRespawnPoint XP, VX & VX Ace, GiveAway XP VX & ACE, Klearance XP VX & ACE, KUnits XP VX, ACE & Gosu 2017, KLevel XP, KRumors XP & ACE, KMonsterPals XP VX & ACE, KStatsRefill XP VX & ACE, KLotto XP VX & ACE, KItemDesc XP & VX, KPocket XP & VX
I only really know very minor things about Game Maker and Unity, just mainly little work-aroundy things for the prominent problems in the engines and scripts I've adapted.
I feel like Pokémon fan games are just a very, kind of, "new user experience" friendly way of making a game, to put it in a way. I could go ahead and make something original (and I have been occasionally if I haven't been discouraged by Unity's constant updates that break everything), but I've had ideas for this Pokémon thing hovering around for a while, so why not?
In game development, I can do a bit of basically everything that isn't audio. Yes that includes chips and soda. I can't do my job without a nice bag of chips and soda next to me.
My username is TristanaGW because Tristana is my name, and the GW is a ~mystery~ :3
Howdydoo! Whhhelcome to SavePoint!
I love pokemon fan-games. I've played every gen at least once (and therefore some twice). It's rare for a fan game to be really good though, I've only seen 2. What will make yours special?! :)
I haven't actually thought much about what makes mine special to tell the truth. I haven't played any fan games through to the end (including one that just kind of made me mad with its presentation while playing it), and all I really have planned for mine so far is that it's a Black 2/White 2 kind of thing for Gold/Silver/Crystal. It's going to be set two or three years after the events of GSC and is going to focus on bringing the features, mechanics and Pokémon from generations 6 and 7 to Johto. So, that of course means a new regional dex, new mega evolutions and new exclusive z-moves, among other things. It's all just based on stuff I'd like to see on a modern-day Pokémon game.
Sounds good. Looking forward to seeing your progress. :)

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