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 Commercial System Package
to Version 1.2

A revision. An explanation.

For those who had been wishing to make games for those with systems other than WIndows, the OS Detect feature does function properly. However, this collection uses featured dependent upon the Win32API and until now would crash if the games or project were run on non-Windows PCs.

That these features didn't bypass properly was reported by Kyonides-Arkanthes of Save-Point.Org and ddddd

The configuration system of the package now has an editable value which lets the developer enable or disable all Win32API using systems; UserPath, automated Fullscreen, Prevent Detection, etc. And the OS Detection module within the collection now includes a new property, a Win32Usage property that returns a boolean (true/false) value if the PC detected uses the Windows OS and if it was configured (above) to disable all Win32 systems.

In essence, the package now disables all Win32 systems if Windows is not detected and/or if the Win32 features are disabled in the configuration section. And the 'Win32 disabling' feature will prove useful with some RPGMaker-like systems such as MKXP, HiddenChest or ReGaL.

Obviously, there are are tests throughout the system. But the configuration section has the the least number of changes, the inclusion of the new configuration value; WIN32DISABLE.

The accompanying help file has been updated, and Kyonides-Arkantheshas been added to the credits list within.
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Hey, it's me, it's been a long time, but I hope it's not too late to report bugs, heheh.

So, the bug are these:

I cannot use Alt+Enter for some reason if I have these scripts, the fullscreen is abilited in the ProSettings functions, but it still doesn't work.

Another bug is that when I select the fullscreen/window mode from the options menu, sometimes when i click the option, it doesn't do nothing. Like for example, if the game is in fullscreen mode, I click the option for make it return to window mode, but it doesn't work but the option name changes, it works after I click like two or three times. This thing also happen if the game is window mode and i want to make it fullscreen. (also, is there a way to call the option menu by script calls from events? Because i'm making other custom menus for other things in my game, and them will have also the "options" command, and then when you click it i really want it to call that options menu)

EDIT: Oh wait, I didn't actually see your last comment because it was in another page, sorry, I think then these bugs are already solved..?
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