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 Unlimited Fantasy
As I said before, I picked up the project that I started with over a decade ago.
I continued working on it whenever I felt like it, but this time I want to finish it.
A lot of graphics, sounds and code that I use in the project is not mine.
I will do my best to credit everyone, but I might miss things that I forgot about over the years.

Please let me know if I do.


The story takes place in a fantasy world, where man and elf have battled demons since the beginning of ages.

Our hero has just turned 16, when he starts his journey.
He has been planning for years to become an adventurer, like other youngsters from his village.
It was only recently that he learned about his lineage.

As turns out, his real father was a hero in the recent wars.
Learning the truth gives our hero an extra motive for his travels,
but also causes him to slowly, but surely, get involved in the war.

- more to be added -

Currently working on:

1. Mapping out the world

At the moment, I am working on new areas on the western continent of Unlimited Fantasy's world, Darnon.
In addition, I am making a new world map, as the old one is no longer accurate and doesn't meet my current standardsĀ  Tongue sticking out

Here is what it looks like so far:

[Image: unknown.png]

2. Finishing the combat system and database

Recently, I started redoing the combat system, for various reasons.
I made an excel sheet to balance out stats for actors, enemies, equipment and skills.
If anybody is curious, I am willing to share the sheet. It has a basic calculator for attack and skill damage as well.

I am currently working out the skills and talents for my third main character, a martial artist.
Perhaps I will share some examples of talent trees soon.

3. Continuing the storyline

Even though the storyline has been in my head from start to finish, only half of it had been implemented so far.
In addition to improvingĀ a lot of the dialogue, I am adding new main quests and sidequests to continue the story.

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