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 Level Up Point Spending System
Hey guys. I am using a script that lets you spend level up points on the stats you want. In the script there is a section that shows your battler. Problem with that is that I am using minkoffs and it shows my whiole spritesheet. If i erase the part that has to do with the battler showing should the rest of the script be ok? I don't want for the entire battler sheet to show up.
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It might be a good idea to post the script/script link. In theory, it shouldn't break anything.

You might also consider editing the script so it draws on a Picture file instead of the battler. That way, you can put a portrait up instead of a battler.
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Oh yeah i guess that would be useful. It's pretty well labeled.

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Yeah. I tried deleting the part that had to do with drawing of the battlers and it just created another error. So I put it back. I don't really know what other things to try though.
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I'm definitely not a scripter, but one of the scripts I'm using for my game has a similar function in that it draws a picture or battler in a window (part of a CMS, really), so I know it can be done. I just don't have enough experience scripting to tell you how exactly XD
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Thanks for at least taking a look at it.
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Okay, I just ripped this from one of my demos.

Well, it's virtually the same patch I use for systems like Momomo's Demon Picture Book (the original Bestiary script) or Trickster's Steal/Scan script.

Paste this below your script
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Thats actually pretty cool derv. It works for everyone except my main character because he is a 7 frame character? Any way to fix that?
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Oops. I ripped this from an enemy scan, so it initially said MNK_POSES_ENEMY. Corrected it to say MNK_POSES_ACTOR now. Should work fine.

.... It reads these straight from AnimBat's Config page. :WINK:
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You are the man!!!!
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