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 Intelligence: HD Realism Edition!
[Image: GNeSbx0.png]

Giantbomb: We have a huge library of astonishing games.

GOG: We have a library of actually good games.

Steam: We have revolutionary technologies and ease of access. and Gamejolt: We have Pep.

[Image: 0ibpqsY.png]

Against all the evils a universe can produce.

[Image: IQvvtxM.png]
All the wrath the gods can conjure...

A Red cat, a green dog and a kangaroo are all that it took... to change the universe, nay-- the status quo of the very gods themselves, in a clash unlike any before.

[Image: wG3QE2u.png]
[Image: nkCd4B5.png]

Now in High Defined photo-realism, Intelligence like you've never seen it before!

[Image: XTpN0Vr.png]

this joke is fucking out of date and lame

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