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 Hellcat of Duty: Heldathian Warfare
[Image: 1I78qUd.png]
When the decked out marine just ain't gonna cut it, they send him in.

Who's him?

The nameless slayer of angels, demons and necropolitans alike, he needs no power armor... he relies not on armies, overpowered weapons of mass destruction, he has himself, his guns, and an itch to scratch.

They call him "Hellcat", the savior of mammalkind.

[Image: 5PeOXMt.png]

[Image: eXxkTYu.png]

[Image: SLti8Tp.png]
[Image: m68fETU.png]

[Image: LsrRqY6.png]

[Image: fJHHAnG.png]

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