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 Board hacked
A thousand thanks for the quick reaction at fixing the mess. I have already changed my password.

I kind of miss the shoutbox tho.
Unfortunately, the latest build of the shoutbox was two years old. While it was not the attack point, two years have passed since it was updated by the designer.

SNAP! Gotta change the forum menu to add the DISCORD button!

EDIT: Added Discord button and spoiler code with edits provided by Kirito.
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Thanks for the swift email notice, I've already changed my password :)
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(09-07-2021, 01:38 PM)DerVVulfman Wrote: Wow, Landarma! It does feel like ages!

I guess the mass mail system does work.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1553]

This was the initial screen (some odd information blocked off). At the left side, you will note that the text reads "".

This forum was not the only one attacked in this manner, another with the same software package was thusly struck.

Oddly, if you look for a review of, you will only find one from Scamquery claiming it is a safe website.

I would point out that the number of users in their count is off by about 300 users :D
We personally had one of the members join the discord and i managed to coax some information from him.

They've basically hacked much bigger places like Patreon and Tumblr in the past, so comparatively we're kinda small fry. If the double-agent is to be believed, the thread in which was made to talk about this recent hack has next to no attention so I don't think they'll do much more. They got all they wanted. (Databasing info)

That said, if you use your passwords here anywhere else, i can assure you they have it now along with your email, so i'd recommend changing your password everywhere you still use it.
Man, why would they target a forum that has like 5 or so active users in a busy day? Seems like a waste of time and resources.
Seeing that we have been here for over ten years, they probably gauged the dedication to maintaining the forum and assumed a bit of green may come their way.

And then there's the possibility they wanna read more of Cheesy James' adventures penned by kyo.
Up is down, left is right and sideways is straight ahead. - Cord "Circle of Iron", 1978 (written by Bruce Lee and James Coburn... really...)
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That might be, more the first than the later.

This whole ordeal has been pretty bizarre. To think that I've been participating in online forums for more than two decades and this is the first time that that I place I frequent gets hacked.
I can confirm that passwords were compromised. I just finished reclaiming my Google account. Really did NOT expect to see that alert in my email this morning. Oh, yeah-- Greetings after my extended absence. Landed a job in corporate middle management, fell prey to office politics, returned to entry level work, and lost my job due to COVID-19. Here's to hoping everyone is doing well and staying safe. Delta and Mu are circulating, and things are bad here in Florida. Hope we continue to have good RM times. Peace out.
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Hello old friends!

I admire that this is one of the last places still running that hosts RPG Maker XP content. Degica still sells it after all, so someone's gotta do it. XP is one of the better RPG Makers and it's cool that projects like mkxp are trying to keep it running on more machine and at higher frame rates.

I skipped VX Ace and moved onto MV a few years after it came out (took a long break from RPG Making). And then got MZ on release because MAP LAYERs.

Let's all remember not to reuse passwords.

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