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 The Weekly Gazette 09-26-2021 - 2wk Hack Edition
[Image: Gazette.png]

(September 13 to September 26, 2021)
-- Two-Week Edition --

Welcome dear readers to the latest issue of the Weekly Gazette! Here in the Gazette, we give you the news in brief of what occurred in the past week as well as provide any news happening in Save-Point itself

Official Area

There were not as many celebrations recorded recently, but celebrations did occur such as one for Firefang316. Not long after did Helel enjoy some birthday cake. And by the time of the Gazette, Yin, thephantom, simonderfischer and empbeef had birthday celebrations to enjoy.

General Chat

The show must go on was on the mind of KDC having received an eMail of two shows that he will be able to set up and take down, something he hasn't done in a couple years now. As to a contest, he took part in one that was musically themed, not something he had any experience. Meanwhile, DerVVulfman confirmed he had Covid, but a treatment he took apparently made it leave his system. Still, it has weakened him.

That a copy of PokeMon Sword/Shield is one of those Videogames that celebrate Birthdays is something that KDC not only discovered, but tweeted out. On video, you'll see streamers and Pokemon Baloons fly as Nurse Joy sends good cheer.

As an experiment, Mike_Everley attempted to convert an RPGMaker 95 lady sprite to Ace. Still, there are issues with ground and shadow that just didn't match.

Tech Talk

The United Nations hit the News of the Cyber World as they called for a global moratorium on AI software that could pose life-altering consequences. Meanwhile, Apple releases a patch athat handles two security vulnerabilities, one involving the use of iMessage that could launch malicious code.

Forum Games & Nonsense

DerVVulfman posted two comic pen-n-paper stories, the first entitled ELDERLY WIZARD where the author known as Felgraf was found to role play his character with hilarity. The second story entitled MONSTER ON WHEELS has DaIVIaJa relate the dangers his party's Paladin too quickly encountered.

Games Development
Development Discussion

Were you to ask Kain Nobel What's up as an RMer, you'd find him hard at work finishing up one of his character's spritework for push and pull mechanics. The first screenshot shows his character, Logan, animated though without the camo pattern for his pants. The second a larger area, shows Logan pushing a box to a barely visible plate. After that, some videos by Remi-chan will appear, though two in the middle are merely atmospheric tests of a sort. The first is a remastered cutscene, reduced in length but not in content that contains severe tension. Her final video is a sneak peak for a future game where the character within wishes to overthrow the powers that be.

Complete Projects

Within Habs11's game, The Spirit of Darkness, quite a bit of discussion continued between he and kingray100. There may be some removal of annoying NPCs within the game. However, Habs11 may wish to note a bug discovered that happens when an entire army is wiped out.

Creativity Section
Music and Audio

Twice did Eric Matyas Share his Original Music, the first week some additions to a new Rock page while the second some Big-Band scores. The piece entitled Mellow Mind seems to be what DerVVulfman needed during his recent recovery.

Art and Design

Venture into the world of Perseverence and Remi-chan's Neato Arty thread to gaze upon the demoness of gravity. Macrocosia is one of Remi-chan's more ambitious and thorough pieces.

Well, that's it for this week.

"The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated." - Mark Twain (1835-1910)


If you are the creator of a thread in Save-Point, you have the option of sending/writing your own entry into the Gazette. The Gazette accepts write-in announcements (which will be doublechecked). Likewise, the Gazette would welcome other content such as a comic-strip series, ongoing story arc, or the like.

Just PM DerVVulfman with the submissions. Submissions must be in by 10pm EST.
Up is down, left is right and sideways is straight ahead. - Cord "Circle of Iron", 1978 (written by Bruce Lee and James Coburn... really...)
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