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Remi-chan's Writing Snippets~
Optional Events, this is all new.

Part of the Wizard's Finale
[Image: 38C7dB6.png]

Part of Limbo's Finale
[Image: 7mAoLdz.png]
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Centuries in the past, Esperia and Fyori upon reaching Serazai- are made privy to the Plight of the G0Ds.

Plight of the G0Ds Wrote:< Source Universe is created. Named "Eden".>

< After falling in love with a mortal man, Administrator Satanifa manages to manipulate the gods and stops heroes from destroying the ancient ones out of love for creation and distaste for destruction.>

< Unusual anomalies break out as result. They are called Planar, they devour the system and code of the Universe. Glitches given form. >

< All mortals and immortals eventually perish. Organic matter breaks down into nothing. Celestial Bodies start to deteriorate. >

< A horrid glitch emerges, calling itself ‘X’ and in rare occurrences: Xalatath. Satanifa weeps, and is unable to Atone for her mistakes. Left alone in the universe she destroyed. >

< All the Seers of Eld opt to sacrifice Satanifa to become the foundation for the next World. >

< Administrators IA and IM return. They decimate all but one seer of Eld, while the unsuccessful Satanifa pleads to YHWH apologetically. >

< YHWH offers her remaining allies salvation, at the cost of her existence and re-implementation of the System. >

< Satanifa agrees with no contention. The source is turned into a bin for those which may be temporarily disposed of and is called the "Afterworld" by the few privy to it's existence. Satanifa’s soul is used to become the foundation of the Cosmos. Satanifa’s Lover Kyoshi is brought to a planet spared of cyclic destruction and origination. The bargain kept, sins atoned. >

< Much later, said Lover accidentally encounters Xaela, the final Seer of Eld. However, unlike the Xaela he once knew, she had become obsessed with the occult. She also had born an army capable of malicious misdeeds. She lets him live, she would rather he live to see the day she no longer feared Gods. >

< The “Matrix for Anomalies and Monsters Including ‘X’” is made to divide the cosmos into different universes and to stymy the power of Xalatath. For X to be reborn, this prison must be destroyed. >

< Several attempts are made to shatter the prison, but the cosmos is immediately erased by Administrator IA before any harm is done. >

< Xaela encounters Xalatath while in the Mamix, and absorbs him, becoming the new X. She remains by her name Xaela. She is now the most powerful being in the universe. Even the Administrators could only deter and obstruct her. An Evil God. >

< Xaela goes to the planet of Xerxana, and begins to corrupt and eschew the minds of its people. Once native and peaceful, they swiftly became infamous for unrelenting savagery. >

< Later, Administrator IA discovers the curious corruption, and decrees the Genocide of the inhabitants of Xerxana. Who were called Imperians. She plots to gather them all in one place. Once she has done so- she mercilessly erases them all and their home world. >

< One survives. A girl with no name denies the call to arms and goes MIA, leaving her home in a spacecraft and crash-landing on the planet of salvation: Zen Aneia.>

< Doing so raises her "Sin Power" to 5. She gets interested in raising Sin Power more. >

< After one attempt to corrupt the Kitsune of Zen Aneia had failed, she flees to a forest. There she meets Xaela, but hardly by chance. >

< Xaela continues recruiting new powerful and cruel allies. >

< The Fowlhunter: Xeltara, joins the Children of Calamity. >

< Two factions begin to form. The pro-Satanifa faction and the faction of the Children. >

< The Universe’s people begin to fight, causing the Great XIITH War. >

< Armies gathered all in one place, Xaela and Xali took all their sin power for themselves. They both already have 10 Sin Power... but Xalatath’s blessing unfortunately stops them from being destroyed via the Erosion of Faith ability.>

Erosion of Faith Wrote:Title: Erosion of Faith. Requirements: Reach Sin Power 10 and possess Atonement.
Effect: Upon Sin Power going above 10, Erasure is applied to the host. Additionally, Sin Power can only be acquired by breaking the rules of ability “Atonement” now.

< With so much power stolen from the system in the form of glitches. The children release a wave of ABYSS magic against the Mamix. Splitting a hole into the next dimension. >

< Xaela then before leaving drains the soul of Universe XII's Blue Sun- rendering the entire universe dead and pitch black. All life in this universe has otherwise already been crushed and drained of their soul power. >

< However, while trying to jump dimensions. The Administrator in training: Astaroth, would stand in their path. Learning she could not erase them, she was forced to kill the three children and used a power to retrieve their Sin Power known as Soul Drain. >

< Satisfied, Astaroth leaves them in the encircled void they’d made for themselves. Trapping them in a vacuum with no exits. >

< Administrator IM finds them and seals them in the Afterworld. She renews the two universes Astaroth was forced to destroy. UNIVERSE XII, and UNIVERSE IV. >

< Universe IV finds a way to dimension hop using the fourth wall that was built by the remnant of Satanifa: Lucifrael. Now sharing a mind with M.F. Lazarus. >

< By accident, those testing the FOURTH WALL out accidentally created a PORT4L leading out of the Afterworld and into Universe XII. With X’s protection, the children of calamity had survived. >

< Xaela calls for her dark brethren and with their help, hollows out a moon and creates a gnarly vessel to traverse space and through the walls of the Mamix. Xaela goes to reacquire her children that had spawned from her contempt for all she once considered good, especially orcs. >

< The Enma is forced to allow her, thanks to blackmail. Now with an army, she and her children lay low. Knowing now just what power the Administrator’s have at their disposal and that even immunity to spellcards won't make them unstoppable. >

< The four other fragments of the Goddess Satanifa- imbued into pieces of clothing, are given an ENNUI. One day mortals would destroy the new God, and Satanifa could be reborn under correct guidance. To become whole and on a level playing field with the Twins.>

<Xaela’s plan was simple, let the twins think it best to no longer interfere. Once they were gone, the only threat to the Children could be removed.>

<Zen Aneia has its first Planar problem after the Mamix is destroyed once again, and re-origination is cancelled forever.>

<Xaela withdraws the Planar and harvests them for data. She learns several commands that administrators use.>

<Shokyo and Hakai are found, Divine Punishments could be used. Furthermore, Xaela could add this as an immunity to the protection of X.>

<Xali starts harassing Administrator IA and her friends, and finds out more helpful commands. Bit by bit, these prior mortals were nearing not just godhood.

<They were becoming Administrators.>

<Their collective Sin Power has reached 666 each. So long as X’s protection is on them, they could no longer be harmed, and were now all above the power level of the administrators.>

<Xali debuted and foretells of a grand conflagration, which would burn the cosmos alive forever.>

<Administrator IA tries to end Xali's villainy then and there, but finds Xali is unable to be stopped.>

Diagnosis Wrote:Xali. Lv. 0
Species: Imperian
Status Info:
Health Points: ∞ (Adjustable)
Energy Points: ∞
Stamina: ∞
SP: 0
Titles: Embodiment of Evil, Glitch, Letter of Endings, The Last Living Imperian, Chaos God, Evil God, Extinction of Gods, Sinner, Heretic, Defiler, Master of Genocide, Sin Eater, Calamity of Man, Cosmic Violator, Perfect Evil, Calamity Sadist, Bane of Nobility, Partial Administrator. Ender of Virginity.
<Redacted for sake of reader's sanity>, Sin Power 666, Heresy.

< To this day, Xaela has not been able to be diagnosed. >

< The cosmos will end. >

< Or suffer. >

< Atone to suffer. >

< Raise Sin Power to end. >

< Choose, and regret. >

< There is no way for the entitlement of mortals and immortals alike to ever be forgiven. >

< Because of you, she will come. >

< She who is Systemic Apoptosis given form. >

< The only way to defeat her. >

< Is to gain the Ruler class skills. >

<No one knows how.>

<No one is strong.>

< All weak. All frail. Useless. >

< All will die, and suffer. >

< Their fault, your fault. Deserved and horrid. >

< ATONE. >

< ATONE. >

< ATONE. >

< ATONE. >

< ATONE. >

< ATONE. >

< ATONE. >

< ATONE. >

< ATONE. >

Then, centuries later at the present day...

An optional event, the finale of Esperia's trilogy- she will reflect and discuss upon the Plight of the G0Ds with Koko exclusively.

[Image: qnQHSyg.png]

During this event, we also see the first in-game use of "Diagnose" which is basically a scan / examine ability.
Diagnosis Complete Wrote:Esperia Frostwhisper. Lv. 311
Species: Earthen Human / Demoness
Status Info:
Health Points: 666666666
Energy Points: 666666666
Stamina: ∞
SP: ∞
Titles: Frostqueen, Spellweaver’s Bane, Slayer of Man, Eve of Futility, Ruler of Spite, Tyrant of Humanity, Five-winged Angel, Merciless Betrayer, Apocalypse of Virility, Annihilator, Apocalypse of Atonement, Heart Betrayer, Temptress of Calamity, Unmaker of Virgins, Catalyst of Eschaton, Hell Tyrant. Demon Queen, Erosion of Faith
Telekinesis (Aspect Level), Bloodwhetting (Greater), Energy Drain (Individual), Energy Drain (Area), Energy Drain (Celestial), ABYSSAL DRAIN, Intensify (Greater), Abyssal Charm (Temple Level), Seduction (Master), Spitenova, Spitebolt, Archonfire Volley, Archonfire Wave, Angelic Form, Environmental Damage Reduction (Lv. 10), Mortal Weapon Damage Reduction (Lv. 10), Possession (Aspect Level), Sensual Kiss, Sinstorm Evangelion, Eye of Stasis, Eye of Sleep, Dark Embrace (Serazai), Frostshock, Paralysis (Temple Level), Nervenumb, Archonfire Meteor, METEORS OF HEAVEN, Dimensional Storage (Aspect Level), Frost Aura (Temple Level) <Off>, Instill Dream, Instill Hysteria, Instill Lust, Absurd Status Boost (All), Godskin, Evasion (Lv. 10), Space Maneuvering (Lv. 10), Dimensional Sheath (Lv. 10), Inflict Anxiety, Inflict Ataraxia, Inflict Apoptosis, Inflict Desperation, Universal Resistance (Lv. 10), Deviltail Summon, Deviltail Dismiss, Seraph Wings Summon, Seraph Wings Dismiss, Red Baroness, Regenerate (Lv. 10), SPITE, Archdemonic Circle, Bind Victim (Lv. 10), Chains of Astaroth (Lv. 10), Massacre (Area), Sense Life, Sense Fear, Sense Nobility, Sense Purity, Track Prey, Diagnose (Lv.10).

Sin Power 10, Atonement.
And if that insane power level didn't scare you- let's have a look at a bit more of the optional event.

Quote:<Esperia shakes her head>
Esperia: Member XII and his others were convinced the outcome was worth it. If it will put you at ease though… There's a reason you nor anyone has seen them since that Clash.
Esperia: Fyori and I broke them… utterly and truly. All our withheld rage and hatred for being essentially blackmailed into writing the end to our own extinction. They felt it all.
Koko: That… somehow doesn’t seem like you. I know you're a demon but…
Esperia: You’re correct. It was a hit. The Embodiments of both terror and power approached me and Fyori, and ask now that we’d gotten as was wanted, that we dispose of them before they do more damage. The alternative was erasure. Guiltlessly, and shamelessly, me and Fyori did our part to annihilate them. Once they were broken in and submissive, the Twins came by and erased them without hesitation.
Lumi: So… you really will only stick by someone’s side until their use has expired.
Esperia: Correct. I take no shame in admitting that.
Lilac: So… should we be careful once we get you “what you want?”
Esperia: No less so than everyone else. You’ve seen it, haven’t you. The way the more moral passengers keep out of my way and shed bullets of sweat when I’m nearby. They know what they are worth to me… little more than feed. If you like the idea of living longer lives then I'd advise keeping clear of demons in general. We do not give a shit about any life that is not our own and we care even less about your worthless moral sensibilities.
Esperia: Knowing what has happened through mortal ambition makes it all morally right so far as I see it. You’re better off just accepting your fate as prey to whatever cosmic force finds you first so that your death will be merciful.
Enma: I’d expect no less from the Demoness Hell fears… While I find your profession schmaltzy and improper. There is no end to the admiration I have for your awareness of what you are. You and Fyori are vilified, because you do what you want to do. None could stop you even if they wanted. You have always lived free of other people’s hindrances, and there’s value in that. Even now as you play your role as peacekeeper, you do so for your own reasons. Be they of predation or salvation
Esperia: Not many times do I get a compliment based purely on what I am. You know me well, Enma.
Enma: It’s hard to ignore you… where-so-ever there is happiness and joy, you appear… to end such a peaceful era. You did it with the great war, you did it with Blu and Yasondre, you did it with Svoli and her family… Now you’re planning to do it again.
Esperia: …Your mirror needs to chill.
Enma: Coming from the “Frostqueen”. I’ll take that as a compliment.
Koko: Wait… what do you mean, actually- what are you planning?
Esperia: Why~ Another grand feast of course! Reason being…
Enma: Trying to attain cosmic enemy status, are we? You do realize if you go after that rank… I will have to personally intervene.
Esperia: Oh, the feast isn’t for me~ I’m complacent being a Serazai… likewise, so is Fyori happy with her own status. While it’d be nice to have immunity to erasure and destruction immunity, the price is too steep.
Enma: You expect me to believe you’d do something so large in scale for someone else?
Esperia: Possibly~ Truthfully, I don’t know who it might be yet- or if a great feast will even be needed… But it never hurts to use a position of power and everyone’s complacency in that to gather information.
Koko: If given a reason, you’d sacrifice them all, wouldn’t you?
Esperia: That’s not even a question. Hell itself fears me for good reason.
Lilac: …and what if we told Sacreblu of your plans?
Esperia: It would make her unduly upset. There’s nothing she could do, though. She may have an invincible body, but if we were to fight, I could defeat her without breaking a sweat.
Enma: And ever since you became Serazai, you have had immunity to her intelligence alteration powers. The effect attached to your <Spellweaver’s Bane> title.
Fun stuff, scary as heck though.
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I won't be able to consider working on this scene in ages.
[Image: By1oynP.png]
But I'm looking forward to it all the same!
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Quite a long one this time!

[Image: d0hbove.png]
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Some interesting lore. This takes place between Fantasia and Seraphim somewhere, but might be deemed non-canon.
[Image: BK4IdXk.png]
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Another evil fox enters the fray. One you may have seen already.
[Image: lGsKbO5.png]
But in this instance, you shall read!
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Trying to do more on the second pass of the Disk 3 script but internet keeps cutting out and coming back in so i gave up for now, Australia's version of comcast (Optus) is to blame, most likely.

Here's some dialogue from when Sacreblu awakens her ENNUI.
[Image: eOQ4nC0.png]
Then to her just being a goof!
[Image: kJRJOtU.png]
Ashe is getting slowly and surely more developed as well.
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Any who lay a hand on Fyori will wish they had a soul to sell after Esperia is done with them.
[Image: ptnKaC9.png]
Esperia showing the darker side of herself.
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In preperation for Disk 3, i've started writing out icon-oriented optional event dialogue.

We appear to have a hater on our hands!
[Image: WrsLo8j.png]
Mad E. Lin is just funyn as hell from start to finish.

This might be the worst timeline
[Image: 5azv6XQ.png]
Mad E. Lin is not in this one but it is her event I promise!

Not Cash Money
[Image: hEcSE3v.png]
Then some almost a meta-narrative conversation discussing the wackiness of the Vahnus Prophecy

Guru;s Guide to Prophetic Horseshit
[Image: B8mzT5l.png]
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There are spoilers in this one, so read at your own discretion.

A Legacy of Terror
[Image: xizuzGr.png]
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