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 Hello, new here!
Hello, I am new here and wanted to introduce myself!  I am a hobbyist developer working on some indie projects and was forwarded to this community as a place where I could find like-minded people.  I am not new to game development and have some experience doing sprite work and developing custom battle systems for RM2K, although I am currently starting fresh with RMMV and Godot engine, with a SRPG and a digital competitive trading card game as my current projects.  I am looking forward to sharing some demos here as they come closer to completion.  Let's mosey!
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*HOWUU!!!*  (Translation from Lycan:  Feel free to hang your hat!)

So, RPGMaker 2000 and RPGMaker MV?  Entertaining assortment.  At least you avoided the dreadful VX plague.

We have an Event Systems board, quite suitable for any 2000/2003 era tricks.  Feel free to post tutorials, custom resources or what you will.  Heck, you might find something there you've forgotten about.
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