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 The Weekly Gazette 07-03-2022
[Image: Gazette.png]

(June 27 to July 3, 2022)

Welcome dear readers to the latest issue of the Weekly Gazette! Here in the Gazette, we give you the news in brief of what occurred in the past week as well as provide any news happening in Save-Point itself

Official Area
It took some time after signing into the forum that Klink came by to mention his use of RPGMaker XP for a while, worried that we might be among others that have a lack of activity. Much to his surprise and glee, he found there was more activity than he expected, this user of the Blizz-ABS system for his customized Zelda-Styled game.

Glad tidings always occur each week, and among those are the birthdays of our members, such as those of MegaPowerNinja,'s zephrael's and Soulstuckgunner's, And if you thought that the week would start off with a large celebration only to peter down, you were wrong as scaldwellhu also had a birthday to celebrate. But that was only the start of the birthday celebrations this week as gothicmiriel had a birthday to enjoy, as did Cortez, Peregrine and Bounty Hunter Lani the very next day. Still, more birthdays passed as the birthday of gerronix12, ZanderFrae and JadedPhoenixStudios came and went. And after that, ShockWave and sbethune81 were able to share some birthday cake together.

Forum Games & Nonsense
If you are planning to host a game of Dungeons and Dragons, beware and make sure the friends playing your campaign are enthusiastic. For DerVVulfman found a story dubbed A Disney Troll which humorously gave example what could happen otherwise.

Games Development
Complete Projects
After so many years, Celestial Tear: Demon's Revenge is now being recreated. First released a decade prior, Yin has now announced that this epic game with original art is now being remade, the previous having various issues they will be resolving.

Material Development
Resources Database
Behold new imagery available for use within Jay Ray's Local Texture Source. As you will see, forest work and natural pics are completely available for real-world graphic goodness.

Creativity Section
Music and Audio
Quite energenic was the new Original Music Shared by Eric Matyas this week, the first a tune that befits a super-scientist's lab in a comedy. But along with that, the sound of metal clashing appears in a tune where one may find sinister cyborgs on the rise.

Art and Design
Upon venturing into Remi-chan's Neato Arty thread thing, they will see the maiden of midnight. The Black Swan called Lucifrael appears behind a dark celestial backdrop with shards of planets and portals. There is no speed-draw this time, but was rendered in its entirety in seven hours.

Special Projects
ReGaL (RPG Game Lab)
Returning once more this week, Kain Nobel announced that most of the database tabs in his version of the REGAL Application has been completed, now depicting the Systems database tab. A new look than one would expect, it completely separates the startup graphics and music from the cursor effects, has a separate tab for grouping of items and/or skills, and a larger vocabulary section. Noticed by DerVVulfman, the werewolf inquired about the elements section, not seeing it at the time, though Kainers stated that the elements would have their own icons like any other database item. And following that, inquired if there may eventually be a battlesystem database tab.

Red Jester Resources
This week heralds the opening of the Red Jester board, and with that comes Red Jester Tilemorphs Volume 1. Originally called B.E.S.T, or the Biome Environment Seamproof Tileset, these graphics, designed mostly for the Smile Game Buildsr, will soon become an official Steam DLC. He has video content and graphic to oggle over.

Well, that's it for this week.

"Hitler: Thank you, whoever you are. I think you just saved my life.
The Doctor: Believe me... It was an accident." - Steven Moffat


Full activation of an account requires a proper, non-spam introductory post within our 'Occasions' board. Spam posts to gain entry are deleted and revoked. Please refer to the 'Rules' regarding Member Account Responsibilities.


If you are the creator of a thread in Save-Point, you have the option of sending/writing your own entry into the Gazette. The Gazette accepts write-in announcements (which will be doublechecked). Likewise, the Gazette would welcome other content such as a comic-strip series, ongoing story arc, or the like.

Just PM DerVVulfman with the submissions. Submissions must be in by 10pm EST.
Up is down, left is right and sideways is straight ahead. - Cord "Circle of Iron", 1978 (written by Bruce Lee and James Coburn... really...)
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