Poll: Who's got the best bread?
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Texas Roadhouse
0 0%
Red Lobster
1 50.00%
0 0%
Olive Garden
0 0%
*Tortilla Chips with Salsa*
1 50.00%
Total 2 vote(s) 100%
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 Bread? Don't Mind if I do!!
Okay, so it's well known that in a lot of restaurants, bread is often served during the meal as a free extra appetizer. Some say it's so customers fill up faster and don't pig out on the buffet, others simply say it's the main reason why they pay that premium bill... "But it comes with these really good rolls!"

So, in accordance with a local radio station, I decided to post a poll... Out of the choices given, which of the restaraunts have the best 'bread'
Olive Garden's free Breadsticks?
Texas Roadhouse rolls with that honey and cinnamon butter?
Fazoli's Breadsticks?
Red Lobster's Chedder Bay Biscuits?
OR Any Mexican Restaraunt that gives you a big plate of tortilla chips before you even order!

This poll will be for 2 weeks, let's see who wins!
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We have absolutely zero of those chains over here in the down-under. We usually get served a jug and water before the meal comes around. Generally, the more we can eat the better, as it means they make more money. We don't have American-exclusive absurdities like tipping or 'all-you-can-eat' deals over here. We used to have the latter at pizza hut, but not anymore. Likely some glutton ruined that for everyone.

That said, sometimes at the mandarin palace, a Chinese restaurant my family went to now and then, they'd give you those nice prawn crackers as an appetizer.

I should also mention I don't often partake in restaurants. I don't earn dat bread topically speaking, just an allowance each fortnight handed over by a generous anti-poverty system for the unlucky / disabled. it's a nice hefty pension, but restaurants are not cheap, ever. Outside of the sushi bar i go too that is more or less restaurant quality. And I go to Moto Moto (an exquisite Japanese cuisine restaurant) occasionally when I can afford it.

I generally keep away from western trash. Especially American and British restaurants since their cuisine scenes are laughable and pathetic, the British cuisine scene is by far the worse of the two. Story goes that thanks to rich people being snowflakes and class warfare, it never got anywhere. All their dishes sound just as gross as they probably taste. Care to try spotted dick? Groady dick? MAYHAPS SOME FUCKING JELLIED EEL?

Yeah no. Hard pass.

Never been to a restaurant that gives out complimentary bread rolls or stuff, that sounds mighty novel, though!

Closest was Chinese prawn crackers.
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