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 An Essay on Insipidity
[Image: avumKb.png]
Developed by: Carlos Davilla
Date of Creation: 09/04/2020
Genre: Role-playing
Engine: RPG Maker MZ
Language: English and Spanish (together)


An Essay on Insipidity, also known as Essay I, is a deliberately bad game made with Run Time Package (RTP) graphics that aims to be a quick character study and observation of a Honduran boy living in poverty named Ernesto, who uses RPG Maker to make a game and try to cope with the harsh reality in which he lives. The dialogue found in the game is a mixture of English broken to incomprehensible levels and Spanish.

I made this in one week in RPG Maker MZ Trial Version to test the engine and subsequently gave the game some updates with time.

The game received its last update (v1.1.0) on October 13, 2021.


The game is a classic JRPG made entirely with RTP on RPG Maker. Your objective is nothing more than to talk to NPCs, battle enemies across the map and defeat the Demon King and his three minions: the Demon of the Cave, the Demon of the Tower and the Demon of the Castle.
Each time you defeat a boss, a new place opens up for you to face the next one.
Along the way, you will also find several red crystals that tell Ernesto's story. Using the keys that bosses drop when they die, you can unlock the blue gates that lead to said crystals.

The game only has one ending, but to see it, you need to find all the crystals and unlock all the doors.


Some parts of this game address invented records on domestic abuse, child famine, bullying, and mentions of suicide.
All the names and situations presented here are for narrative purposes only and don't refer to any people in real life, alive or dead.

  • Bad grammar;
  • Bad tileset placement/map design;
  • Bad pacing;
  • Obnoxious world encounter¬†rates;
  • Easy battles with enemies that have large pools of HP;
  • 1+ hours of gameplay;
  • It's an RTP-made game.



[Image: 2h3VzH.png][Image: eMC%2F%2BB.png]
[Image: BcY8Dd.png][Image: B4y76f.png]
[Image: 53SIMm.png][Image: ixG5Qv.png]
[Image: b9Kiyh.png][Image: %2F4IFoi.png]

Let's Plays

Canal Café Gamer

JC Company (starting at 1:49:28)

Dr.XGB (starting at 2:32:44)


Canal do Solon

Canal do Ricky (playlist)

thescacredlobo (playlist)


Writing and Development
Carlos Davilla ernesto

Casper Gaming
Atreyo Ray
[Image: e9rq1TD.png]
"This world is death. For what does it have to offer that is not transient?"
Saint Symeon The New Theologian
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