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 KLords of XP

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I am back here to announce that KLords of XP version 0.8.0 now lets you keep your game saves separated by profiles!

Now you do not need to fear anybody else picked your saved games by mistake! Grinning
Thinking Of course, that will not dissipate your fears completely for they could still do it on purpose.
But that is highly unlikely, right guys? Happy with a sweat

By the way, it is also possible to pick your favorite "ideologies"  Confused  (of a totally political nature anyway). Laughing
Right now they do not mean anything specific but they might affect Gamer gameplay in curious manners in a not so near future. Indifferent
Lords might also be replaced by their descendants at a given point. Shocked
Happy with a sweat Yet, that does not mean it might happen any time soon for this is still a work in progress.
"For God has not destined us for wrath, but for obtaining salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ," 1 Thessalonians 5:9


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My Original Stories (available in English and Spanish)

List of Compiled Binary Executables I have published...
HiddenChest & Roole

Give me a free copy of your completed game if you include at least 2 of my scripts! Laughing + Tongue sticking out

Just some scripts I've already published on the board...
KyoGemBoost XP VX & ACE, RandomEnkounters XP, KSkillShop XP, Kolloseum States XP, KEvents XP, KScenario XP & Gosu, KyoPrizeShop XP Mangostan, Kuests XP, KyoDiscounts XP VX, ACE & MV, KChest XP VX & ACE 2016, KTelePort XP, KSkillMax XP & VX & ACE, Gem Roulette XP VX & VX Ace, KRespawnPoint XP, VX & VX Ace, GiveAway XP VX & ACE, Klearance XP VX & ACE, KUnits XP VX, ACE & Gosu 2017, KLevel XP, KRumors XP & ACE, KMonsterPals XP VX & ACE, KStatsRefill XP VX & ACE, KLotto XP VX & ACE, KItemDesc XP & VX, KPocket XP & VX

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