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 BlueSkies (COMPLETE)
I just finished a new demo!! Version 1.5!!
Note: This time though, I suggest not to use your old save anymore and start from the beginning, I'm sorry for the inconvenience but there has been alot of changes in the game, especially the way Skye interacts in battle, the system and etc. 

Here are the features in the new demo:
- Skye can no longer attack and has 0 attack. (His attack command is removed, he is purely a healer now, you can simply use the skill "Relax" to pass the turn) 
- New simple RTP windowskins and fonts
- Some minor bug fixes involving the maps.
- Balancing the power of healing. Potions and Skye's healing abilities recovers more health now.
- Many of the characters' skill progression have been changed dramatically
- Of course, as a new version of the demo: New maps, dungeons and heart-digging plot-events to immerse into..

These are the changes made compared to the old demo.. I do hope that those who've played the game in it's older versions understand why you need to go back in the beginning of the game.. it's just to avoid bugs or crashes. xDD While I always do hope that everyone enjoys as they try this new demo.  
Check out my Projects!! :)
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