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 Rave Heart
[Image: oDDUih.png]

Watch Trailer:

[Image: cooltext457563794076359.png]
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[Image: cooltext457563802374292.png]
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[Image: cooltext457563810620895.png]
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[Image: cooltext457563819141462.png]
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[Image: cooltext457563829076563.png]
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[Image: cooltext457563838228072.png]

Rave Heart Tvtropes page by Bugfragged:


- Rich background story and varieties of alien planets to explore.
- A Cast of colorful characters who each have their own interesting background stories.
- Side-quests and Optional bosses.
- Discover different extraterrestrial races and their cultures.
- Emotionally involving story-line with interesting twists.
- Immersive Sci-fi setting.
- Animated Side-view Battle System.

Rave Heart Goodies:
@BerryB 's very cute artwork for Ellemine, made in his wonderful artstyle!! ^_^ :)
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@BerryB 's adorable 3rd-anniversary artwork for Rave Heart featuring Zazir and Sola:
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@Vanessa 's awesome cover art that I commissioned to her for Rave Heart's steam store page (You can avail her services here):
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Leonardo A.I. generated art for Rave Heart cast in casual setting Wallpaper, photoshopped + put together by me! (You can get full original huge image here )
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- SmashArtist's cute and pretty sprite for Ellemine:
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- hiddenone's really adorable and fun looking art for Chad:
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- Finnuval's really awesome and detailed art for Klein, Ellemine, and Chad:
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- rechronicle's really awesome and dramatic art for Ellemine:
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- dreamfall887 's very cute and beautiful Disney Princess art for Ellemine, which was done via Azaleadolls feature:
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Let's play and Reviews for the Official Steam Release version 2020:
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Hello guys! You may now download the new version of the demo which includes the following changes:

- New battle system: Battle Symphony + CATB by Yami and Battle engine by Yanfly (Good bye, Tankentai SBS :( )
Reasons: While the tankentai sbs of the demo combined the Mog-hunter's atb looked really amazing (to me, at least), it has lots of incompatibility issues that is just too much of a risk in making the game buggy and crash-y. So I had to let it go, even if it hurts. :( But, thankfully, there were talented scripters that I found who have created wonderful battle systems that are able to duplicate the side-view active time battle system that I wanted for the game. They may be simple, but they're very clean and there was a bug fix patch released for the system that is done by DoubleX. So I'll stick with this for now, and hopefully, there won't be any more serious incompatibility issues. :)

- New simpler and cleaner menu as well as some smooth improvements from "Maker Systems".

- Enhanced game camera work from "Maker Systems" for a smoother and immersive experience when exploring the galaxy of Xerxes.

- A few dialogue changes that includes rephrasings and typo fixes.

- Battle system now shows enemy's atb gauge.

- The ATB is no longer real-time, which means that you may now take your time selecting your decisions in battle without the risk of the enemy wrecking havoc on you.

- Intro scroll sequences have been made a lot faster to avoid unnecessary delays.

And that's all of the changes for this version of the demo. (As far as I can remember.)
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Hi everyone! I just updated the texts of the game's title screen and logo! ^_^ credits to:

Here is the new titlescreen for the next update. xD
[Image: KjHLjzO.png]
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Hi guys! I've been pondering a lot about Rave Heart's battle sprites, should I keep the charsets as battlers idea or should I actually flesh out their own original animated battlers? xDD

Anyhow, this was what I came up with so far using Piskels. xD

Klein's Idle Stance:
[Image: 1CyUaVQ.gif]

I have mixed feelings about this decision, mainly because I know that animated battler sprites are going to be very time consuming to make, at the same time, I wish to be more creative with the characters in the game. xD

What do you guys think?
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Hello guys!! Here's some progress on my journey to creating animated battler sprites for Rave Heart. ^_^

I'll have an updated demo soon where characters will no longer be using their walking sprite during battles. :)

Here's what I have so far:
[Image: gVlmVJl.gif][Image: zsvLFO4.gif][Image: H176LAb.gif][Image: 9iOxj5C.gif]

If you wish to give some feedback or discuss the sprites, just leave a comment. ;)
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Hi guys! I am pleased to announce quite a huge update for the demo of Rave Heart, which you may now download and enjoy. :)


Version 2.0 Changes:

- Animated battlers for each playable characters are now implemented and ready for use in the demo. (During my journey in learning how to sprite, I have come to a conclusion: It's sooo stressful, but very fun to do.)

[Image: xuclw7w.png]

- Game is now played in High resolution (640x480), this should now remove the dark borders around the screen when playing on larger maps. (See? It is a huge update. xD)

- New and improved High res title screen.

- New game text logo implemented in the game.

- All battle-backgrounds and pictures have been adjusted to run in High res.

I hope you guys enjoy! Feel free to leave some feedback and suggestions. ;)
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Hi guys!! Nikorasu just made a fun-filled let's play + review for Rave Heart! ^_^ I really enjoyed his play through for Rave Heart and I suggest that you guys subscribe to his channel and check out more of his RPG maker game reviews. :) They're very helpful. ^_^
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I was about to yell at you for updating the demo once again =_= but it was an update concerning a videoclip so no cries are needed here Tongue sticking out For personal issues and time consuming errands I haven't tested or played it, but I hope it will be intriguing enough for my taste. Happy or is it not? Sad
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Hi kyonides! Ahaha!! I can see where you're coming from with the constant demo updates!! XDD I promise to be consistent now. ;) And it's okay kyonides, if you're going to play the game, do take your time and I really hope that you'll enjoy!! ^__^
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Hi guys!! I just wish to share some of my progress for the development of Rave Heart right now. :)

First off, the town of Dorine from Planet Kardel:
[Image: abnH0Np.png]
(Don't mind the door-less buildings, it's still a WIP)
Klein and friends sets foot in this planet where crime is the norm, wish them luck in this dangerous escapade. xD

Manu options by Yanfly!
[Image: HETmUhd.png]
It is an additional feature that I should've used since the very start. xD But here it is! :)

Enemy health bars by Yanfly!
[Image: bPU2uDx.png]
Another feature that I should've used since the very start. xD This will certainly help players calculate and invest the right damage on specific types of enemnies.

That's all guys! Hope you like it. ^_^
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