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 BlueSkies (COMPLETE)
UPDATE!! The moment that I've always longed for is here!!! XDD

BlueSkies is finally complete!!! XDD yes!! COMPLETE!! XDD I've done a long test run with the full version, and so far I haven't found any bugs (hopefully there really aren't any bugs)!! though i still haven't tried using a save file from 1.5 to the full version.. xD

Firstly, I have God to thank for making this possible for me, It really warms my heart to be able to finish my very first RPG maker game, which was made with RPG maker 2003, my very first RPG maker engine!! It was very tough for me learning how the events, switches, variables and etc. worked!! but through it all, I did my best to learn patiently, and in God's mercy, BlueSkies Full version was the result! xDD I've put heart and soul into the story, world and characters of BlueSkies!! that is why, I do hope you all enjoy the game as I did creating it!  Now, I wish to thank everyone who've tried my previous demos and been there to give their feedbacks, suggestions and comments, they all mean a lot to me, and without you all, this full version wouldn't be as it is now!!  

And TA-DAH!! the download!!:
BlueSkies FULL
(the whole game has an estimated gameplay time of 7-9 hours.)

I hope you all enjoy!!  May the BlueSkies above you fill your day with joy!
Check out my Projects!! :)
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